Why NFL Players Wear Collars: Explained

Written By: Chris Haddad
Updated: February 12, 2024

If you turn on an NFL game, you may see players wearing collars around their necks. While it may seem like part of their uniform, it’s entirely out of the ordinary. So you might ask, what are the collars that NFL players wear?

The collar that NFL players wear is called the Q Collar. Q Collar is a medical device that players wear to help reduce brain injury and concussions.

In this article, we’ll examine what the Q Collar does and why athletes should wear one.

Why NFL Players Wear Collars Around Their Necks

NFL players like Tony Pollard and Dalton Shultz can be seen wearing Q collars on their necks. They help to reduce concussions and protect from brain injury.

These collars are made by a company called Q30, and the collar itself is called the Q Collar.

What Is The Q Collar?

The Q Collar is a revolutionary device that helps minimize concussions in contact sports. It’s made by the company Q30, a technology company specializing in sports.

Here is a video we did with Q collar, that helps explain

How Does The Q Collar Work?

The collar works by players putting on this non-invasive collar that fits securely around the neck. By applying light pressure to the jugular veins on the neck.

This pressure causes the blood flow to slow down from the brain back down to the heart.

Q Collar

Because of this, more blood volume is left over inside the brain. The excess blood that is left in the brain, fills in between the brain and causes it to stay in the state that it’s in.

This creates a “pillow” for the brain and reduces brain slosh.

Q Collar

Concussions are caused when the brain hits the side of the skull. This is typically caused by impact in the head or neck area.

Now when a player makes helmet-to-helmet contact with another player, the brain will stay in place rather than hitting the side of the skull.

Q Collar

The Q Collar helps to dramatically reduce concussions and the number of brain injuries they otherwise may get. It is a revolutionary technology that can help athletes in football and all other contact sports.

To learn more about what the Q Collar does, visit their site here and learn more about how they are helping athletes around the world.

Is The Q Collar FDA Approved?

The Q Collar is FDA-approved and is currently the only medical device for athletes that helps reduce the number of concussions.

The Q Collar has gone through a rigorous amount of testing, all of which can be found here.

You can also read their clinical studies here:

Pre-Clinical Study

Study #1

Study #2

Study #3

How Much Does The Q Collar Cost?

The Q Collar currently costs $199 per athlete. Teams or individuals can purchase the Q Collar and match their team’s colors with custom Q Collar sleeves.

The Q Collar can be purchased directly from the Q30 website and sent directly to your home.

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The Q Collar was built for all contact athletes, however, it has a special place on the football field. While football constantly battles concussions and brain injuries, this collar is a massive first step in making sure that every player is safe from long-term effects.

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