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Our goal is to make sure every football coach has the tools necessary to be an impactful influence on their players. 

How vIQtory Sports Was Founded

It all started in 2016.


Coach Chris Haddad was coaching at his alma mater Bellingham High School, when he realized his off-season was filled with digging for football resources, only to come up unsuccessful. The resources that he did find, were filled with coaching jargon that made no sense for a new coach.

That summer, Chris built vIQtory Sports, to help educate high school and youth coaches.

Through trial and error, everything that Chris and the vIQtory staff teaches has been tested with their own teams. We're in the trenches with you.

New England Patriots Coach Of The Week

Chris & Staff Awarded The New England Patriots Coach Of The Week

From program building to X's & O's, vIQtory's courses and content contains some of the brightest minds in the football industry. To date, there are over 150+ blogs, 200+ videos and 12+ courses the help you improve as a football coach.

As we continue our journey, our job is never finished. We will continue to learn and help you understand the complicated game of football.

Our Team

Our team is made of current football coaches. Everything that we teach to you, we personally have coached to our football players. We're in the trenches with you, going through the same struggles you are. We're in this journey together!

Chris Haddad


Coach Chris Haddad has coached football for 15+ years at the youth and high school levels. Chris is currently the Defensive Coordinator and Wide Receivers coach at Bellingham High School in Bellingham, Massachusetts. The Bellingham staff won USA Today's 2021 staff of the year award presented by Urban Meyer.

Contact Chris: [email protected]

Danny Haddad jr.


Coach Danny Haddad currently serves as the Offensive Coordinator at Bellingham High school. Danny is an avid learner of old and new spread run/pass concepts and continues to build his library of knowledge through his studies. Danny continues to shine as one of the bright minds at the high school level.

Contact Danny: [email protected]

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