Chris Haddad

vIQtory Sports Founder

About Me.

Welcome! My name is Chris Haddad and I'm the founder of vIQtory Sports! I created vIQtory to help coaches around the world become the best tactician, motivator, and influencer they could possibly be.

How We Got Started

It all started back in 2015. Chris was in his first year coaching high school football at his alma mater, Bellingham High School. As a new coach, Chris was hungry to learn more about coaching, but had little money in his pocket and no clue where to start.

Every resource on the internet required a subscription or big money to learn the basics of coaching. Chris set out to change how football coaches get started.

Chris In 2015

In 2016, vIQtory Sports was formed. Chris set out to meet with every coach he could and compile free resources for coaches.

The website was created to help those learn basic concepts of football. The YouTube channel was also created, which features live clinics, coaching interviews, and more.

Constantly Learning

Each day, Chris posts drills, schemes, and more on his social media.

In our relentless journey to share as much as we can with you, we're always looking for new ideas to build and maintain a championship level programs.

Ready to get started?