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Who Is vIQtory?

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We're Coaches - Just Like You

We have the same issues you do, solve the same problems you have and deal with the same parent drama that you do.

Our staff has over 25+ years combined experience coaching football.

We've won state and regional titles at the youth level and league championships at the high school level. We've also coached players who have gone on to play division 1, 2 and 3 football.

So we've been through it all...

We've Learned From The Best So You Can Too...

Our entire off-season is dedicated to learning from NFL, college and high school coaches across the world.

Everything we've learned is packaged into our products.

Football should be easy to learn.

Our goal is to help you learn at your level, pace, and convenience.

New England Patriots Hall Of Famer & Legendary Offensive Line Coach Dante Scarnecchia

Trusted By 25,000+ Coaches Worldwide

Over the last 8 years we've created content for football coaches, helping them win more games and build top tier programs.

Our goal is to give you all of the help you need to turn your program into a championship contender this season.

What's Inside vIQtory Pro?

17+ Courses So You Can Coordinate & Coach Any Position

Our courses are built for high school and youth coaches so they can maximize their potential coaching their position, so their players look to them as a trusted resource. 

The Complete Spread Offense Install Course

Want to create an explosive offense out of the shotgun? This course will help you install run blocking schemes, pass concepts and spread offense structure so you can start utilizing the speed on your offense. For all levels of coaching.

Retail Price: $199
Lessons Included: 77
Included In Your Membership


4-2-5 Hybrid Defense

Learn step by step how to install the 4-2-5 defense, how to coach run fits and how to install coverages. The hybrid portion will show you how to easily get into 3-down structure from 4-down.

Retail Price: $199
Lessons Included: 49
Included In Your Membership

4-4 Defense Youth Course

Easily install the 4-4 defense into your youth program. This course has fronts, blitzes and coverages that you can install into your youth program

Retail Price: $199
Lessons Included: 23
Included In Your Membership

Offensive Coordinator University

Calling plays for the first time? This course will help you build the skills necessary to organize your staff and offensive structure.

Retail Price: $199
Lessons Included: 34
Included In Your Membership

Defensive Coordinator University

Learn the exact process it takes to build a defensive system that your assistant coaches and players can thrive in.

Retail Price: $199
Lessons Included: 38

Included In Your Membership

Wide Receiver University

Wide Receiver University

Create explosive and dynamic wide receivers with this technical breakdown of the wide receiver position.

Retail Price: $37
Lessons Included: 32
Included In Your Membership

Quarterback University

Quarterback University

Learn the mechanics and techniques of what it takes to be a fundamentally sound quarterback.

Retail Price: $37
Lessons Included: 27
Included In Your Membership

Running Back University

Running Back University

Learn how to build perfect running back to reduce fumbles and create good habits here.

Retail Price: $37
Lessons Included: 28
Included In Your Membership

Defensive Back University

Defensive Back University

Learn how to develop quick, transitioning ball hawks that will be a match up nightmare for the offense.

Retail Price: $37
Lessons Included: 42
Included In Your Membership

Linebacker University

Linebacker University

Learn how to create run stopping machines that will stress out the opposing offense.

Retail Price: $37
Lessons Included: 28
Included In Your Membership

Defensive Line University

Defensive Line University

Great defenses have great defensive lines. Learn how to knock back the opposing offensive line here.

Retail Price: $37
Lessons Included: 27
Included In Your Membership

Offensive Line University

Offensive Line University

It all starts up front with the offensive line. Learn how to generate force and move defensive lineman in this course.

Retail Price: $37
Lessons Included: 38
Included In Your Membership

Punt School

Learn how to coach punters to maximize their distance and accuracy to pin your opponents in their territory.

Retail Price: $37
Included In Your Membership

Kickoff School

Start the game with great field position by teaching your kickers how to kickoff properly.

Retail Price: $37
Included In Your Membership

Long Snapping School

A great punt begins with a timely long snap. Learn how to grip, rip and block properly on punt.

Retail Price: $37
Included In Your Membership

Field Goal School

Field goal kicking is a lot like a golf swing - one wrong mechanic and it could lose you the game. Learn how to coach accurate field goal kickers.

Retail Price: $37
Included In Your Membership

New Coaches Training Program

New to coaching football? We have you covered! In this course you will learn everything you need to become a successful football coach.

Retail Price: $99
Lessons Included: 34
Included In Your Membership

Total Value: $1,600

All Of These Courses Are Included When You Join vIQtory Pro!

Growing List Of Plug And Play Coaching Templates

We've done all of the hard work for you, so you can simply plug all of your information into these templates and print them out. These templates will save you time and energy throughout the season.

A Community That Answers All Of Your Questions

Get The Support You Need. Wherever. Whenever.

Along with our desktop version, we also have a mobile app for vIQtory Pro. Communicate with any of our members at any time through our direct messaging platform.

Also you have access to our courses on the go, along with our templates and community creations.

The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Get the coaching help you need whenever and wherever you are.

Build An Active Coaching Staff - Not Just Bag Holders

Learning football on your own can be challenging. There are road blocks you're going to run into and questions that you're going to have that you never expected. Coaches only get a window of 2-3 years to prove themselves or they get fired and publicly embarrassed.

This is why having a community of likeminded coaches is so critical; it's a safe space for you to get the support when you need it. You are the average of the coaches you surround yourself with. So why not surround yourself with some of the smartest coaches in the game.

Our community exists for that exact reason: to be the home for football coaches who actively want to learn more football. When you join, you will immediately be welcomed to our network of smart, creative and welcoming coaches who want nothing more than to see you succeed.

Our Coaches...

look forward to signing on to vIQtory Pro each day.

Every day there is something new for you to learn inside of vIQtory Pro.

Over 1,000+

Football Drills


Coaching Templates


Premium Courses


Coaching Workshops & Events

Also Included In Your Membership...


Each Week You Have Access To Member Only Events 

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Meet & Engage With Other Youth and High School Coaches Just Like You

Join Forces With Community Members In Our "Community Creations" Section

What Coaches Are Saying About vIQtory Pro...

Connecting with coaches on vIQtory Pro has been a gamechanger for me. This is my go to resource for the off-season.

Ryan Swingle

UCONN, Offensive Line Coach

Simple to use and fun to engage. It's easy to spend over 10+ hours in Hudl database researching. Highly recommend!

Anthony Vizakis

King Philip HS, Offensive Coordinator

The combination of courses, templates and the Hudl database has made it much easier to learn this off-season.

Ed Rodrigues

North Attleboro HS, Pass Game OC

Cumberland Junior Clippers

As the coordinator of our youth program, it's my responsibility to ensure our 20+ coaches are equipped to provide top-notch coaching for our young athletes. Given the varying levels of coaching experience among our volunteers, I am always actively seeking out tools and resources to support their development. vIQtory Pro’s 'Universities' have given me everything that I need to engage and energize our coaches to actively level up their skills. And we have already begun to leverage our access to their growing community of experienced coaches. I have no doubt that vIQtory Pro will play a pivotal role in making this Fall one to remember for our players, their parents, and for our entire organization. Thank you, vIQtory, for providing such a game-changing platform!

Garth Fitzsimmons

Cumberland Jr Clippers, Football Coordinator

I’ve known Chris for a few years now and he’s been a great friend and mentor! What he has done with vIQtory Pro is outstanding. The information and tools that he has is great for any young coach starting out or like myself who’s been around for years! It’s a very valuable community to be a part of if you want to learn football! Highly recommend being part of this fantastic community!

George Balian

Burlington High School, Head Coach

Cumberland Junior Clippers

I cannot recommend the vIQtory Pro enough. This platform offers unparalleled access to top-tier coaches, cutting-edge drills, and winning strategies. What truly sets this program apart is its cost-effectiveness; despite the wealth of resources provided, it remains highly affordable for teams of all sizes.

The program is meticulously designed to support the development of our players and coaches. Each drill and strategy is clearly outlined, making it easy to implement in our practice plans. The user-friendly platform ensures that even those with limited tech skills can navigate the resources effortlessly. If you're serious about building a successful football program, this package is an absolute must-have.”

Brian Pelletier

Cumberland Jr Clippers, Head Coach

“Coach Haddad and the team at vIQtory have proven time again their dedication to helping coaches improve. Their resources are vital to the growth of our game and professional improvements on our staff.”

Eian Bain

Bridgewater-Raynham High School, Head Football Coach

Gain Access To A Library With Over 1,000+ Football Drills & Plays

This database was built with drills that relate directly to the game. Each drill is tagged with a "skill" attribute so you can easily sort which drills you want to work on.

Drills Included In The vIQtory Pro Database:

  • Quarterback
  • Running Back
  • Wide Receiver
  • Offensive Line
  • Special Teams
  • Defensive Line
  • Linebacker
  • Defensive Back
  • Tackling
  • Scheme Breakdowns

    Inside you'll find offensive and defensive scheme breakdowns with video explanation to follow. We show you how it's supposed to be run, things that can give you issues, and the ugly of when things go wrong.

    We're football coaches, we need to adjust to chaos and be prepared when things don't go like we drew it up on the white board. That's how we teach it.

    Match Quarters

    To Sum it Up - Here's Everything You Get When You Join vIQtory Pro

    • All vIQtory Courses ($1,422 Value)
    • The Complete Spread Offense Install Guide And The 4-2-5 Hybrid Course ($398 Value)
    • Unlimited Access To The Hudl Database With Drills, Play Breakdowns And Scheme Installs ($1,198 Value)
    • 30+ Templates ($50 Value)
    • Community Events ($500 Value)

    Total Value: $3,568

    One Platform That Can Benefit Your Entire Staff

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    1 Coach Pass

    1 Coach Pass



    / year

    • 17+  vIQtory Courses
    • 30+ Coaching Templates
    • Offensive & Defensive Coordinator University
    • Community Access
    • Direct Access To All vIQtory Events & Keynote Speakers
    • Hudl Database With 1,000 Drills, Plays and Breakdowns


    Can I Get My Entire Staff On vIQtory Pro?

    Yes! Once you get accepted, we will send links to get your staff onboarded.

    How Long Does The Application Process Take?

    Due to the high number of applicants, we try to get your application reviewed within 24-48 hours.

    Why Do You Have An Application Process?

    Our goal is to make sure everyone gets the most out of this community. If we let anyone and everyone in, we run the risk of devaluing the quality of members. Our goal is to create a community of football coaches who are eager to learn. We don't need trolls, drama, or other distractions away from learning football.

    Am I Obligated To Join If I Get Accepted?

    Nope! Your acceptance will be valid for a period of time. We do ask to only apply if you're serious about bettering yourself and your staff. Our team spends a good chunk of time reviewing these applications.

    How Is vIQtory Pro Different?

    vIQtory Pro is an all-in-one coaching solution. Every resource we've built in in this membership, along with a great community that will help you achieve your coaching goals.

    Do You Have A Refund Policy?

    We do! We offer a 7-day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your purchase, let us know within the first 7 days of you joining vIQtory Pro and we will refund your money.