vIQtory Coaches Show Episode 3

Written By: Chris Haddad
Updated: January 17, 2024

In episode 3 of the vIQtory Coaches Show, Coach Chris Haddad and Coach Danny Haddad delve into various offensive and defensive strategies, offering insightful breakdowns and analyses.

Learn how you can teach your offensive lineman to load step before they block. We also break down the T-E Stunt so you can implement it into your defense.

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:30 Play Of The Week
  • 2:04 Inside Zone Run Tags
  • 7:57 Intro To Simulated Pressures
  • 12:50 Blitz Technique
  • 14:00 Things Found Around X

About the author 

Chris Haddad

Chris Haddad is the founder of vIQtory Sports & high school coach for over 12+ years. He has been featured as an authority on Hudl, Bleacher Report and countless other football-centric platforms. Chris continues to study and provide valuable content for those looking to learn more about the game of football.