The Complete Guide To The Spread Offense


Build an offense that gets your best players the ball in space so they can light up the scoreboard.

A-Z Guide On Installing The Spread Offense

A 5 hour deep dive into blocking schemes, passing concepts and strategies to transform your offensive into a scoring machine.

Force The Defense To Defend The Entire Field

The spread offense is unique because it forces the defense to cover all 53.3 yards wide of grass. It also forces the defense to do one of the hardest things: Open Field Tackle.

The spread offensive system allows your offense to be undersized and still be able to win with speed.

In our Spread Offense Guide, you'll learn all of the expert strategies that will give your fast players the best chance to make explosive plays.

All Offensive Coordinators Face The Same Issues

If your new to coordinating or have suffered losses where you can't score, there's some thing fundamentally wrong with your process. Here are some issues you may be running into.

With The Spread Offense Guide

  • Play Calling With A Purpose
  • Block Every Type Of Defensive Front
  • Pass Concepts That Beat Every Coverage
  • Know Exactly When To Call Certain Plays

Without The Spread Offense Guide

  • Random Play Calling
  • Poor Blocking Schemes
  • Pass Play With No Purpose
  • Not Knowing When To Call Plays

Increase Your Value To Your Team

As an offensive play caller, it's your job to put the team in the best position to win and to take the stress off the defense. That's why we built the Spread Offense Install Guide to help give you all of the answers when you need them.

What's Included In The Spread Offense Install Guide?

  • Zone Run Install Guides - This includes Inside Zone, Wide Zone, Jet Sweep and a combination of run tags to give countless amounts of combinations to your plays
  • Gap Scheme Install Guides - GH Counter, GT Counter, Power and ways to get your quarterback involved in the run game.
  • RPO Install - 3 Level RPO system so you can easy make the defense wrong. Don't have the quarterback to run RPOs? No worries, we've also included a pre-snap RPO system that any level can use to get your best players in space.
  • Quick Game Install- Rhythmic passing concepts that allow your quarterback to get the ball out quickly. These concepts are great for teams who don't have a strong offensive line and force the defense to tackle in space.
  • Drop Back Pass Game- Ready to create explosive plays? The Drop Back pass game module is a progression system that allows your quarterback to slice the defense up with high percentage throws.
  • Pass Protection Install Guide- Last and certainly not least is a pass protection install guide. We've developed a system for you to easy install for your offensive line that can create a clean crisp pocket for your quarterback.

Who Is Danny Haddad Jr?

Coach Danny Haddad Jr is an analyst for vIQtory for over 5 years now. He's also been coaching at Bellingham High School in Bellingham, MA for the last 8 years.

As his tenure as offensive coordinator, Danny has led his offense's to average 25+ points per game using these same concepts he'll be teaching you in this course.

Coach Haddad is one of the leading experts in offensive trends, where he meets with NFL, D1, D2 and D3 coaches weekly to stay up to date, so you can stay informed.

What Coaches Are Saying

"Danny's concepts are easy to install and applicable for coaches at all levels!"

Ed Rodrigues - Pass Game Coordinator, North Attleborough High School

"A great offensive mind with an effective pulse on how to teach players effectively!"

Coach Ryan Swingle - Offensive Line Coach, Uconn

Simple and effective course for all ages! Always look forward to working with Danny in the off-season!

Coach Anthony Vizakis -Offensive Coordinator, King Philip High School

Chris Haddad @ChrisvIQtory  10h

@CoachhaddadJr is a great resource for all of this if you're looking to learn more. It's his mastermind. I just help the receivers lol.




Ben Justus @BenJustus3  Jul 6

If you are a football coach and you aren’t following him and his resources you are missing out on some great information




Joe Irelan @BallCoachIrelan  May 25

@CoachhaddadJr you have some good ideas on that board!




Myles Davis @CoachDavis247  Feb 6

@coachhaddadjr Good stuff coach, looking into this for the offseason work!




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What If I'm A New Coach?

If you're a new coach, this course will introduce you walk you through each course. We don't use fancy jargon to sound smart in courses. We make sure that every level can adapt.

What If I'm New To The Spread Offense?

If you're looking to change your offense, or want to add wrinkles to your current offense that's perfect! We teach concepts that every play caller can adapt to.

What If I Have Questions?

We're here to help! This isn't just a course you buy and we never talk to you again. We're here to help you every step of the way.

How Much Time Do I Need To Dedicate?

This course is done at your own pace. There is a good chunk of content to go through, so we recommend slowly chipping away at it.

Will This Help My Staff As Well?

Yes! You can share all of these concepts with your position coaches and they can easily be on the same page as you.

How Long Do I Have To Access This Course?

For life! We don't put any deadlines or expiration dates on our products. Once you purchase it, it's yours for life.