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We've helped over 10,000+ coaches better themselves through our courses, content, clinics and social presence. 

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Coaching Education

Where do you go to learn how to be a great coach? Most coaches take 20-30 years before they are considered great. We want to fast track that process and help you maximize your coaching ability today.

Our goal is to help you become the most impactful and organized coach on your staff. Let's begin!

Built By Football Coaches

Our team is comprised 100% of football coaches. Everything we teach has already been perfected on the field.

Here For You

We actively engage with coaches on all of our platforms including Twitter, YouTube & Facebook.

New & Seasoned Coaches

If you're just starting out as a coach or are looking to sharpen your skills, we have resources available for you.


Coaching Resources

We've built an entire library of courses, templates and resources for you to become a better coach today. We've done clinics, podcasts and videos with over 250+ coaches from all over the world.

Our goal is to not only make you a better coach, but to help you improve your staff and other coaches around you.

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What Coaches Are Saying

Kenny Simpson

Head Football Coach

“When I look for resources or send other coaches, I am sure to send them to vIQtory Sports. Their knowledge of the game is only surpassed by how helpful they are to the coaching community.”

John Weaver

WR Coach

“vIQtory is an unbelievable platform to use if you want to learn more about the game of football. The tools and insights this company gives in second to none.”

Get Started As A Coach

Offensive Coordinator University

The entire game is on your shoulders. How, why and when you call plays is the difference between a good season and a great season. Learn how to get started as an offensive coordinator and lead your team to success.

Defensive Coordinator University

Great defenses are built from great coaching. The offense relies on the defense to keep games competitive. Don't be the reason your team is stuck on the field. Learn how to coordinate a defense and stop high powered offenses.

Position Courses

Our 7 positional guide bundle will help you coach any position in football! We breakdown the fundamentals and key coaching points to ensure you're teaching the proper techniques.

18 Coaching Templates

Throw away those binders of hand written documents and stay efficient. Coaches stay organized mainly through online documents, and we have 18 templates to get you started.

Learning The Game For The First Time? Start Here

Girlfriend's Guide To Football

Sick of sitting on the couch, while your boyfriend or husband screams at the TV? This guide will help you follow along with what's going on so you can join in on the fun!

The Ultimate Football Guide

Everything you've ever wanted to know about football. This guide is great for the casual fan or former player who wants to learn more about football.