The Beginners Guide To Football


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Football is a complicated game. There's 22 players on the field at once moving at high speeds in a beautiful chaos. As a fan, mother, or father, it may be hard to follow along what exactly is going on.

The hardest part of learning about football is the fact there are no resources out there that show you exactly how the game is played. This is why we set out to build the best resource possible for learning the game of football.

Introducing The Beginners Guide To Football

Finally, one resource where you can learn everything you need to about football. Inside of this course, you'll find:

  • The structure of the game and how football is formatted
  • Detailed pictures and description of what each position does
  • How do teams score points? We show you exactly how points are scored and ultimately win games
  • Slang term sheets so you can understand common football jargon
  • Answers to the most common offensive and defensive questions to help you stay engaged
  • Referee signal guide so you can follow along exactly what the referee is doing when he penalizes your team or the opposing team.

Each course purchase comes with unlimited access for life, as well as access to our staff for any questions that you may have.

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