Offensive Line University


Create A Dominant Offensive Line

Dive deep into the strategies that make a successful offensive line, from pass protection to run blocking, in a fun, impactful course.

What's Included With Your Purchase?

  • 25+ videos on offensive line play
  • Run blocking techniques so your players can open massive holes for your running back
  • Pass blocking modules so your players can effectively strike and defend incoming pass rushers
  • A complete library of offensive line drills so you can easily script your practice plans
  • Unlimited access to this course
  • Access to the vIQtory staff for questions

Coach Anthony Vizakis

Offensive Coordinator - King Philip High School

"These position courses help to sharpen your sword as a coordinator or position coach. I've used these courses as a foundational piece when working with with my coaches."

Coach Ryan Swingle

OL Coach - University Of Connecticut

"Chris & Danny have the coaches-first mindset, which really shines in their courses. These courses are great for all levels of coaching and should be the key foundational piece for any youth or high school program."

Over 3+ Hours Of Videos On Offensive Line Techniques

We recorded all of these videos with our former players, all college athletes. Everything we talk about in these courses, we have visual examples and have personally taught these techniques during our season.

Why does that matter?

Because we are in the trenches with you. Everything we teach directly affects our team as well as your team. Therefore, we tested each these techniques to ensure they will work for all levels.

Learn Run Blocking Techniques That Will Fold Defensive Lineman On Their Backs

The offensive line is the most technical position in football. Every step, hand, and helmet placement is the difference between a tackle for loss or a 10+ yard gain.

In this course, we show you the most up to date techniques including:

  • Inside Zone Blocking
  • Outside Zone Blocking
  • Double Teams
  • Angle Drive Blocks
  • Skip Pulls
  • Kick Out Blocks

Create A Pocket Your Quarterback Can Feel Confident In

In order for your quarterback to feel confident in the pocket, he needs to know he's protected. Blindside hits or immediate breaks in your offensive line will instantly lose that trust.

In this section, we'll show you different types of sets so your players can be fundamentally sound from the ground-up, resulting in less sacks and QB pressures..

Get The Most Out Of Your Individual Periods With These Impactful Drills

Ol Drills

Along with the hours of offensive line tutorials, your purchase also includes a drill library. All of these drills are detailed with both video and diagrams with what you'll need to complete them.

Unlimited Access To The Course Wherever, Whenever You Want

Once you purchase the course, it’s yours, forever. That means anytime you want to access it you can. We do not have a policy that restricts you from accessing the course that you’ve purchased. We want you to be able to absorb the content at any point!

Also, as we continue to add content to the course, you will continue to receive it at no extra charge. We are constantly filming with college and NFL coaches, so expect this course to grow after your buy it. Being early has its perks!

Access To The vIQtory Staff For Any Questions You Have About Playing Offensive Line

Have questions about the offensive line position? Let us know!

Everything that we do at vIQtory is to reinvest back into you. We want to help you get better and we want to help you win football games. If you have any issues, please let us know.

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How Do I Access This Course?

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Can I Access This Course Forever?

Yes! Once you purchase, you will have access forever. We are constantly adding content to this course, so you will get access to that content as well.

Can I Access This On Mobile As Well?

Yes! Our content can be viewed on any device, as long as you're logged in.

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