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The Most Versatile Player On The Field

The linebacker position is the most dynamic player on the field. Their tasks include making calls, shedding blocks, reading run or pass, and covering receivers effectively. Because of their positioning behind the defensive lineman, things happen rather quickly.

There is no time for false steps, wrong reads, or poor hand placement when shedding blocks. Everything needs to be quick & precise in order to actively disengage offensive linemen.

Creating A Perfect Linebacker

Linebackers are often referred to as the quarterback of the defense. They must have both physical and mental toughness, in order to last the entire game of battling with offensive linemen. But how do you build a linebacker from the ground up? How do you ensure that your youth or high school player is battle ready during game day?

Introducing Linebacker University

What’s Included?

  • Over 25+ Videos Of Linebacker Instruction
  • How To Create An Explosive Stance & Start
  • Tracking Footwork To Help You Stay Balanced & Efficient
  • Proper Shock & Shed Techniques To Never Get Blocked
  • Tackling Techniques For Safe & Proper Contact
  • Unlimited Access
  • Access To The vIQtory Staff

Over 25+ Videos Of Linebacker Instruction

Great linebackers are created by exemplifying proper technique. The difference between getting blocked and shedding the block is all about positioning, hand placement, and leverage. With the evolution of the spread offense, offenses are getting more creative in how they put bigger linebackers in conflict. This forced defenses to put smaller linebackers on the field that could run.

In the Linebacker University, you’ll find technical videos on how to properly knock back bigger offensive linemen and disengage with ease. While this position may seem like it’s full of reckless collisions, there’s actually a safe, sweet science to it all.

Unlimited Access

Once you purchase the course, it’s yours, forever. That means anytime you want to access it you can. We do not have a policy that restricts you from accessing the course that you’ve purchased. We want you to be able to absorb the content at any point!

Also, as we continue to add content to the course, you will continue to receive it at no extra charge. Being early has its perks!

Access To The vIQtory Staff

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Our goal isn’t just to take your money and run. Everything that we do at vIQtory is to reinvest back into you. We want to help you get better and we want to help you win football games. If you have any issues, PLEASE let us know!




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  1. Coach Johnson III

    Great courses! Bought the defensive bundle and it helped be get started as I’m coaching my sons 12u team this fall for the first time. I played in HS but the game has changed a lot since then. Thanks for the insight!

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