Girlfriends Guide To Learning Football

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The Girlfriends Guide To Learning Football

Imagine learning so much about football that you can watch any game with your boyfriend or husband. No more googling questions or pretending to know what’s going on.

The Girlfriends Guide To Learning Football has everything you need to understand football. Football is a complicated game, and we know it can sometimes be confusing. Our team helps to slow down the game for you and walks you through every step of football.

Included In This Course:

  • Basics Of The Game – We show you the technical aspects of the game from a beginner level
  • Football Positions – Every position on the football field broken down in detail
  • Moving The Football Down The Field – Learn how offenses legally move the football down the field
  • Scoring Points – Every way to score points is detailed with an instructional video
  • Referee Signals – You get complete access to our complete referee signals library
  • Commonly Asked Questions – Have a question? Ask, and we’ll help you understand it!

Once you’re finished, you’ll be able to talk football and follow along as if you’ve been playing for years.