What Football Position Are You? Position Quiz

Written By: Chris Haddad
Updated: January 12, 2024

In football, there are 22 different positions that you can choose from. Each position requires unique skillsets. In order to put yourself in the best position possible to make an impact during the game, it’s important to choose the right position.

Below is a quiz that will help guide you to the proper football position.

Football Traits That Matter

Our quiz requires you to enter in your information, to accurately predict what position you should play.

*While we do our best to suggest what position you should play, ultimately your coach will decide what position you should play.

Below are the criteria we use to help determine what position you should play.


Age is used as a data point to determine what position you should play in football. Age is important because if you’re a younger player, your body will grow as you get older.

If you’re a lineman when you’re younger, you could be a skill player as you get older. Age is an important factor when determining what football position you should play.


Weight often determines football position. The heavier a player is, the harder it is to move them. Heavier players want to play defensive and offensive line.

Smaller and lightweight players should play skill positions such as wide receiver and defensive back. Lighter players are often faster and quicker than heavier players. These players are likely to run away from defenders and chase down offensive players.


Along with weight, height determines a major factor when choosing a position. Smaller players are more likely to play positions such as running back and defensive back.

Taller players are more likely to play wide receiver or offensive/defensive line.


Athletiscm plays a major factor when determining which position you should play. if you’re someone who isn’t that athletic, but are strong, then you’re better suited playing offensive/defensive line.

Someone who can run fast and is athletic is more likely harder to tackle. This means the player should be touching the football as often as possible at quarterback, running back or wide receiver.

Catching Ability

Catching ability is how likely are you to catch the ball consistently. If you’re someone who doesn’t have good catching ability, then you’re more likely to play offensive line of offense.

If you have good catching ability, positions like wide receiver or tight end are in the mix.

Throwing Ability

Throwing ability is how well you throw the football to another receiver. If you’re someone who doesnt’ throw the ball accurately, then you’ll want to catch the football or block.

Those who can throw the football accurately and far down field are more likely to be quarterbacks.

Tackling Ability

Football is a contact sport. Some positions experience more contact than others.

Offensive and defensive lineman will experience hand to hand contact every single play, while defensive backs and receivers will rarely have contact with one another, unless the ball is thrown their way.

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