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Make Your Practice Fun & Meaningful

Football drills are the foundation to any practice. Creating meaningful drills that relate to games is the hardest part of coaching football. 

Most drills are run because a coach sees them on the internet and thinks it will help their players. Some drills actually do more harm than good if not practiced properly.

We've created this eBook to help you run purposeful drills during practice that your players can learn from and have fun with. These drills will help you create situations that will directly correlate to games.

Copy These Drills Straight From The eBook To Your Practice

Inside this eBook you'll find exact instruction on how to set up these drills and run them during your practice.

Easy To Follow Diagrams

Each Drill comes with a diagram so you can visually see what both the offensive and defensive player are supposed to do.

Video Library To Match Each Drill

We've matched each drill with a video, so not only can you visually see how it's done, you can replicate it with your team.

Detailed Descriptions For Each Drill

Equipment needed, purpose, required players/coaches, and the actual description of how to execute each drill are all included. 

Here’s what people are saying about the ebook

"Build Your Foundation On These Drills"

"This book acts as a foundation to build your drill library on. Easily digestible and provides a road map for all position coaches!"

Anthony Vizakis
King Philip HS, MA

"Great For All Ages"

"Great instructional book for all ages. Each drill is crafted with both the coach and player in mind!"

Ryan Swingle
Hamilton College, NY

What's Inside?

Quarterback Drills

These quarterback drills focus on fundamentals and mechanics. We aim to make sure the quarterback is getting enough footwork, throwing, and pocket presence reps during practice. With the quarterback drill chapter, you will easily get all of the above.

Running Back DRILLS

Ball security, hole recognition, and delivering contact are all qualities that we strive for in a running back. This running back section will help you emulate live game situations.

Wide Receiver DRILLS

There should be a direct link between practice and the game. That's why the WR chapter is full of drills that will help receivers win contested catches, stalk block moving players, and score on catch and runs.

Offensive Line Drills

Run footwork, hand striking, and pass set drills highlight the offensive line section of this ebook. These drills are effective at all levels and will help transform your offensive line from average to dominant.

Defensive Line DRILLS

Explosive defensive linemen are the key to stopping the run game. We focus on drills that help train explosive hips, heavy hands, and eye discipline that can shed any block.

Linebacker DRILLS

Playing linebacker requires extreme physicality. It also requires versatile movements to chase down the run and cover the pass. These drills will help develop a dynamic linebacker.

Defensive Back DRILLS

Defensive backs need to be the most dynamic players on the field. These drills will help develop their skills to move forward and backwards efficiently. We've also including ball tracking drills to win those 50/50 scenarios.

Tackling DRILLS

Inside this ebook are 20+ tackling drills that will help increase your team's confidence and approach to tackling. Sharpen your entry points, wrapping, and striking. These drills are both fun and engaging for all levels!

Special Teams DRILLS

Special teams are 1/3 of the game. Practice these drills to ensure your players know exactly how to approach punt returners and kick returners. These drills can help turn the game in your favor.


Chris Haddad  vIQtory Founder

Hey there! My name is Chris Haddad, founder of vIQtory Sports. I wrote this eBook to hopefully help take away some of your stress of searching the internet for position drills.

A little about me - I've been coaching football for 10+ years, currently at a high school in Massachusetts.

I've also been fortunate through the vIQtory platform to speak to over 100+ coaches about scheme, technique and more!

These drills will not only help your players, they will make you a better coach as well.

Make Your Practices More Fun & Engaging Today

These drills will help take the stress out of practice planning, as you'll be able to open this ebook and instantly know what your position group will work on.

Secure these 150+ drills and make practice planning for both you and your staff simple, so you can focus on what matters most, your players.

Get all 150+ Drills and the video library for one low price!

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Is This A physical book or digital copy?

150+ Football Drills For Coaches is a digital copy. You will receive it in PDF form.

How do i Get the digital library?

The digital copy of the book comes with a QR code that you can scan and get instant access to the video library.

what type of coach is this best for?

This book is great for all coaches including head coaches, coordinators and position coaches.

can i access this right away?

Yes! As soon as you purchase the book, you will get access to the drills and the video libary.

What is your return policy on ebooks?

Unfortunately we can not accept returns on ebooks, as it will live forever on your computer once you've purchased and downloaded. If you do have an issue with your purchase, please let us know and we will do everything in our power to make it right.