Cyrus Jones on Alabama and Patriots Football| vIQ #07

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On this episode of the vIQtory podcast we talked to New England Patriot’s defensive back Cyrus Jones. Cyrus talks about his playing days under Nick Saban, entering the NFL as a second round draft pick, mindset after coming off an injury and much more! Listen to Cyrus’s story and follow his journey below!

1:19: How Cyrus got recruited to Alabama

5:15: Recruited as WR – Moves to DB

8:25: Competing against other 5 star recruits

10:25: Prepping for the NFL

12:00: Why Nick Saban teams are always at the top

14:20: Draft Day Story

18:40: Winning a Super Bowl with the Patriots

21:40: Mental Mindset of overcoming season ending injury

24:30: How veterans like Stephon Gilmore, Malcolm Butler and Devin McCourty impacted Cyrus early on

29:20: “Do your Job” a media myth?

31:40: Why Bill Belichick wins year after year

34:15: The Gauntlet

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