vIQ #05: NFL Kicking With John Potter

By vIQtory

On this episode we talk to former Western Michigan standout and former NFL kicker John Potter. John talks about his days at Western Michigan where he still holds numerous MAC records. We detail John’s journey and the mental toughness it takes to be on an NFL stage.



Show Notes

1:37 – When John knew he was bound for the NFL

3:30 – How John got recruited and what summer camps to attend

5:20 – What camps should kids attend?

7:00 – Making transition from High School to College kicker

10:40 – Mental Mindset in the NFL

11:40 – College to NFL mental toughness

13:51 – NFL Draft Day and what the day was like

16:30 – Football Education and how smart NFL players are

18:00 – Kicker, Snapper, Holder relationship

19:50 – The Gauntlet!

About the author

Chris Haddad is the founder of vIQtory Sports. Chris has coached football for 12+ years and continues to coach at the high school level. He continues to study and provide valuable content for those looking to learn more about this wonderful game of football.