July 5


vIQ #04: Coach Brady Grayvold Speaks as a First Time Head Coach

By vIQtory

July 5, 2018

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In this episode we talk to former UW-Whitewater standout and current head coach at Fort Atkinson high school in Wisconsin, Brady Grayvold.

Coach has won national championships in college, earned a tryout with the Minnesota Vikings, and now a head coach – all at the age of 26. Brady shares his experiences with us and how his football journey has just begun!

Show Notes

1:30: Establishing culture as a new coach
4:22: Reaction to Spring ball and how he handles it as a coach
5:49: How Coach Handles Multiple Sports
7:45: Weight-Room and off-season Approach
8:00: Keeping or implementing new culture?
9:35: Building a New Staff
11:30: Implementing New Feel
14:40: Influence to Coach Style
16:50: Coaching Effort
18:30: How he started the #All22 on Twitter
21:30The Gauntlet!

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