June 21


vIQ #03: #Hogfbchat Coaches Shiffman and Dingus join us

By vIQtory

June 21, 2018

#hogfbchat, jack dingus, oline, tony shiffman, twitter

Ever wonder how the biggest Offensive Line Twitter chat got started? We talked to Coach Dingus and Coach Shiffman on how they’ve created the popular Twitter chat #hogfbchat

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This week’s podcast we have Coach Jack Dingus and Coach Tony Shiffman, co-creators of the wildly successful and popular twitter chat, #Hogfbchat. Jack and Tony tell their story on how they started itand how they’ve attracted over 150 coaches from 25 states and 3 countries to Twitter every Monday night in the off-season. Want to experience the buzz? Join every Monday night at 8pm Central!

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