vIQ #23: Fifth Down Marketing and Building Brands

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On this episode of the vIQtory podcast we are joined by Stacy Elliott and Daniel David of Fifth Down Marketing.

Fifth Down Marketing is a marketing agency that focuses on building the brands of the individual athletes that employ their services. Stacy Elliott is the father of Ezekiel Elliott, the franchise, star running back of the Dallas Cowboys. Stacy provides insights on not just building Fifth Down Marketing, but also on growing the brand of one of the NFL’s most prominent players. Daniel David also spear-heads Fifth Down Marketing. He details his story coming from Ohio State and offers his perspective on the sports business landscape as well.

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Steve McGrath: Welcome back everyone to the vIQtory podcast. I’m your host Steve McGrath alongside co-host Chris Haddad and today we have not one but two very special guests; the heads of Fifth Down Marketing. I’m here with the Daniel David and Mr. Stacy Elliott who is also the father of Zeke Elliott – which we’re going to get into as well as that’s a big part of how this whole thing came to be – but guys thank you so much for coming on with us

Daniel David: thank you guys for having us 

Stacy Elliott: deeply honored, thank you guys for having us

SM: let’s just jump right into it; what’s the story of fifth down marketing? how did you guys come to be and just give us the full lowdown

SE: yeah so when I started meeting with various different service providers to work with my son and be a part of his team I started to realize that I possessed a certain skillset that I was already using in helping build my son’s brand off the field from high school and then at college one of the reasons Ezekiel became so popular outside of his play on the field was his face recognition off the field by millions based on the things that we were doing off the field with him as a player and us as a family and so we did the e60 piece that had never been done on a college football player part 1 and part 2 and eventually part 3 and went into the homes of millions of people and so when I started realizing I possessed a certain skill set that I could myself be a part of my son’s team and work for him. I came up with the name fifth down because during my collegiate playing years at the University of missouri-columbia we played in a historic game against the University of Colorado in which they were awarded a fifth down by mistake and this was in the year 1990 telling my age right now and they went on to win a national championship that year and so my the company was started and started handling all my sons marketing.. never really thinking about expanding, taking on other players. however I met Mr. Daniel David some years ago

DD: well I think the first time we met I remember Ezekiel needed a shoot right and you know yeah and like I just saw noon Kali you know we’re friendly but you know but Ezekiel is a nice dude and I said hey they went to go get a suit he dressed I said to the guy no photos of Ezekiel in the suit he’s not getting endorsed by them the guy took a photo total whatever yeah and the in the day it was my job to make sure Ezekiel had a suit for the ESPYs or whatever it was and he did it was like less than 24 hours and it fit good you look good – you look good you all look good 

SE: yeah and I got a suit out of that deal too haha. Yeah, so, through the years I would mentor and talk to Daniel and I look at him like a nephew and so he was with Vayner sports and fifth down was evolving after getting Ezekiel as a client and things worked out that  he was able to come over to 5th Down

DD: you know Stacy, what I love about this is when you were doing Ezekiel’s you know branding you know after college you know I was working on Braxton, I would always look and see what you’re doing and make sure I was trying to be ahead of you right – so you did something I would try to do for Braxton it was that competitive nature Ezekiel vs. Braxton you know and I was like man it was fun though because if you aren’t doing it who would I be competing with?

Chris Haddad: yeah and at the time those right, the two biggest Buckeyes to come out I mean in the past few years there I mean, straight out stage those the first two names that come come to mind so you know it’s cool at least for me as the outside looking in the the the mindset and digital marking masterminds behind the two biggest Buckeyes that come out, you know

SE: You’re right – Ezekiel Elliott and Braxton Miller are the biggest brands to come out of Ohio State and really college football modern history.

DD: That’s a fact

SM: yeah and you know what I know we talked about it off air and of course you guys know but, Daniel can you just give everyone what your story is because of course you know we get to where you know jump in there with Zeke but just tell everyone about how, you know, take us back to Ohio State and run us up to now

DD: So I was a student at Ohio State and I was always friendly always nice to you know everyone like everybody on campus and you know I just vibed with certain people and I think I was with you know maybe I’ll obviously close to the DeVier Posey, Boom Herron coolest, nicest guys ever I think they introduced me to the younger guys you know like Ryan Shazier phenomenal, Bradley Roby I think it was Ryan who introduced me to Braxton but when I saw Braxton I asked him for a photo like a fan literally a fan photo and a year later you know I guess we got close and that’s it I mean I started working with Braxton after you know we graduated you know he’d a lot going on Braxton in college you never saw him anywhere he never went out they called him Batman legit so like when Braxton you know when she’s going to draft a grin is just so much fun cuz that let’s spin move right, mr. B button, that was crazy so like we were doing his merchants and that and growing his brand and one thing about Braxton off anybody knows this he did a first Instagram video highlight mix if you go to his Instagram go to his first ever post it’s the spin move that’s a meme with Braxton Miller at 92 he started that trends of these football video mixes he’s always thinking ahead you’re right and I’m like a digital nerd I love Instagram I love all this fun cool stuff so my thing was like them like damn Braxton, lets get footage just keep pumping your brand out you know you switch positions you got a story and I just always believed in him as a superstar on and off the field right like I knew this guy was a star in life and you know I’m happy I was with him and I ended up going to be Vayner sports because I wanted to work for sports marketing agency and not do my own boutique little firm with a few guys because I could only do so much and they brought me on and you know believing that I could bring Braxton Miller you know a guy who was doing the marketing for and they took a shot I mean I’m blessed for it it was grateful you know Gary’s amazing you know I learned so much working in Gary’s personal team they’re freaking super smart so working on Gary’s personal team and then when Vayner sports starting with like three clients I was not only learning how to build a personal brand like Gary V but I was also doing the sports agency side so then Braxton ended up on-boarding cuz he saw like he knows footballing forever he hurt his shoulder two times, switch positions he’s a son, like so it’s a it’s a dirty sport man two and a half years in the NFL and Brax is just he he was a professional and college he’s a pro already like a vet you know and he knows like he wants to get involved in the tech space he’s so like he’s a smart dude yeah he’s a he’s a visionary like he knows like football not be and might not be there tomorrow but he’s a song so like he’d rather get equity equity in an app then do a paid post because he loves Silicon Valley home Silicon Brax he’s always been charging you know charging his branding like it’s a motivational inspiring way to get kids to keep going you know football and off football keep charging you know yeah

CH: so yeah and Stacy I want to get back over to you so you played at Missouri and I want to go through that recruiting process that you went through and Missouri and then went through with the Zeke as well was like. you know you said you dated yourself back in 1990 where the recruiting process is the same when you went through it and anyone went through with your son 

SE: no, the recruiting process wasn’t the same when I went through it versus when my son was going through it now you know one of the things about what my son when he came out he was one of the top at his position in the country with social media I only played two years of high school football so my junior year my first year in my second year my senior year I had emerged to be one of the top recruits in the New York City metropolitan area I grew up in Hackensack, NJ

DD: there’s talent in the East Coast I swear

SE: but, it was different in my parents they were older and it wasn’t very much involved so at 17 to 18 years old I had to handle all the phone calls, all the visits without my parents versus Ezekiel me and my wife we were at every visit come I mean she took him to every visit – I didn’t even make every visit – we had to deal with social media and really deal with a 16 year old young man who is becoming a megastar in high school that was very strange

CH: yep now you talk about social media which I think a lot of younger kids in high school nowadays don’t really understand and you’re seeing this now with leading up to the draft a lot of tweets are coming back to bite kids in the ass right when they just speak their mind at 14, 15, 16 and then all of a sudden someone’s digging back years and getting a hold of it I’m sure a Zeke had a lot of insight in and open-mindedness to that 

DD: I’m thinking thank you for bringing it up. Im taking notes to make sure any guys we have go back from the start, you got to do it

CH: yeah I’m sure and Stacy I just want to ask you – was that the mindset? because you mentioned he blossomed early he was a stud early on were you really focused on that digital image and the way to market him from an early onset

SE: definitely, me and my wife. she got on Twitter because she wanted to make sure that Ezekiel was interacting in a respectful, proper way and also the monitor everything else that goes along with that and even to this very day she’s – 

DD: like an icon hunt on Twitter she knows how to get that engagement

SE: I went to Facebook she went to Twitter 

DD: you’re leaning on LinkedIn now too Stacy I told to jump on and he’s about to take over LinkedIn and that’s the best social platform

SE: yeah, we monitor. to this very day I Google my son every day

DD: yeah I’m always searching Braxton Miller and Twitter latest you know Google last 24 hours and you know obviously the digital image is huge and they’re very picky like you think Braxton will just go and post something  like we’re doing a campaign? he sits there as like a director and me sure that’s the photo he wants to put up but he’s smart about because he knows what works for him that’s gonna get the engagement for the brand right like he’s super picky better but that’s why that’s why stuff works that’s why Ezekiel stuff works these guys know themselves they’re perfectionists they’re superstars they’re Hollywood

CH:  so dan let me ask you if you if you got a young kid let’s say he’s a junior in high school who’s starting to blossom he’s starting to make some noise in the state what would you recommend for him from a social media standpoint to start doing

DD: literally I’ll literally put out you know I actually have all the top Instagram handles like hurdles, pass you know NBA although all these Instagram handles like NBA layup set of millions of followers and I was DM them my highlights and say put this up and tag me and get me followers I grow my audience so big that when I go to the NBA I’d create my own dealer and etc 

CH: yep so Instagram is the way to go you think for a kid?

DD: that young oh yeah they gotta be on it like I’d be on every platform, its 2018 like Instagram and Twitter I grow your instagram twitter and facebook. facebook is key see Ezekiel and Braxton are the only two Buckeyes who have strong Facebook pages. people forget about that you know 

SE: but let me just say it in regards to that question because I have two other children who are superstars and my 13 year old is the best athlete in our family now she is a three-time national championship champion AAU champion she may have won more than three national champions and she has over 20 something thousand followers already on Instagram. popular from her own exploits and also being the sister of Ezekiel Elliott.  There’s a drawback to that and sometimes we wonder maybe we should not have allowed her to be on social media

CH: yep 

SE: because we’ve had to deal with stalkers and people calling my daughters phone you know and so I really would caution people to invite that type of…

DD: you make a really good point

SE: attention in your child’s life because at times i even have to have body guards with my children.

DD: Stacy, you make an amazing point so if I was a high school kid – you got to have a team. you gotta have a team like that’s it. end of the day the kids job is to play ball and get good if he has his parents who are literally monitoring and doing his social content putting it out there growing his brand it only helps the family right? like that’s what the kids do I mean I think that his own personal private account you know like I’m not a father I didn’t raise a superstar

SE: that’s exactly what we did. what I had to do though also answer that question when Ezekiel was drafted to the Dallas Cowboys I had to make him get rid of his personal account because I started seeking personal pictures of my

daughters hung up on other social media outlets and so we got rid of the personal account and started a professional account where we can control that

SM: so when it comes to when this season is going on the NFL season I mean do you guys have a certain belief of you know don’t post anything don’t do anything from the time it’s you know August and you’re in training camp all the way through the end of the season or are you more open to your potentially doing some you know more engagement type things 

SE: we suggest our players stay engaged 

DD: they’re human 

SE: in an organic way you know and so they’re always, there may be a situation that like for example when Ezekiel did – he leaped over the guy he hurdled the guy, you know that that’s an opportunity when you’re trending to start posting stuff to even build up more followers and strengthen your social media

DD: Conor McGregor dance when he’s that touchdown late that was viral like you got a post content and guess what if you’re partnered with the brand during that time that brands gonna be super happy when that post goes up the next day and you could you know filter it off of that viral stuff like Braxton right now write him in the NFL he’s no to Elliott where there’s highlights left and right however Braxton is very smart about it he’s on LinkedIn he started going on there he’s on Twitter but he does not post on Instagram unless he wants to post it Facebook he posts but he’s very active he’s looking it’s tough you know but he puts out content because guess what he knows there’s more than football he loves his son he puts out photos of him and his son he wants to know he’s a father he wants people to know that you know he’s doing this business venture and that he’s not a football player only so right you know there’s all you always gotta figure out content or else people think you’re not alive 

SM: yeah there I said no with in the offseason did you guys you know have you know a stronger like a plan of attack so to speak where there’s certain things that you might want to focus on it and you know really go after

SE: it depends on the situation because we don’t want our players to just put football content either right you know that because if that’s all you’re posting you’re not going to strengthen your social media presence

CH: sure so guys I got asked both Buckeyes what are the thoughts on Urban Meyer switching gears here just a little bit him stepping down what do you guys think just want to get some some gut check emotions coming off the top

DD: I’m grateful he’s she was the hottest a head coach and he’s an amazing human being and he’s fun things for him cruddy some things that throw high up see all the students who went there he’s changed their lives my life he’s an amazing person so whatever the media said like I was all false people hate Ohio State but you know what we’re Buckeye Nation Thank You coach Meyer and we’re gonna be just fine we’re Ohio State were good

SE: well you know Coach Meyer is my personal friend it’s well documented that our families are close outside of him coaching Ezekiel and through the years I’ve developed a very close relationship with him and I have defended him in public many times and suppose the loss of Coach Meyer at the Ohio State University really to me it hurt it kind of left me that you know he’s leaving but I’m coach Meyer has to do what he has to do and like I’ve always said about him coach this just really him leaving Ohio State as the coach will be free him and I’m thankful to that he’s free now really free to dothings other than coach which he loves but just like how we promote and we try to reinstate and I’ll play his mind them more than football player game I is more than a football coach and so I look forward to seeing what he does in this next chapter in his life I have a few ideas what he’s gonna do is share I’m happy for him hope he’s free yeah it was a rough year for him and his family and that’s something that you know we hate to see just you know me just look on the outside looking in just as a football fan in general hate to see a great coach like a man a great football mind like him step away from the game cuz he you know as daniel said he’s done so much for just kids outside the program to its – 

SE: He did a lot for me

CH: yeah parents as well yeah 

SE: Its not only being a parent, I’m a student of Urban Meyer, I’m a student of his program, his strategies, how he motivates his players i sat there and i sucked that stuff up just like all the players you know and the principles that I learned from a leadership standpoint or principles that I run 5th down marketing by. demanding excellence in everything we do. you know not wanting to be average. average is not a word we can use among ourselves. these are principles that Urban Meyer teaches  and these are principals I learned being around for the last five years

DD: and to counter that the reason why he said you know the best is like braxton make sure I’m intact – if I’m not intact and do my job she puts me in tact where I’m gonna make sure I’m doing my job to another level where I’m like the best what I do cuz the you know Braxton’s competitive he wants to win and if I’m not doing the job he’ll get rid of me but I’ll make sure you know Coach Meyer instilled that in him and it makes guys winners 

CH: yeah and I’m sure that’s instilled since day one you step in that door I mean it makes sense why they win right right having the experience he’s had winning all this time it’s not by accident right I think people start to see that now as head coaches become more of a need and necessity through all college football where guys getting fired left and right but then these guys can stay consistent in all the time the Nick Saban’s the Urban Meyer’s whoever it may be they have this formula in place that once you get in it and you’re in the factory of just winning it becomes a habit outside of football as well 

SE: that’s right

DD: yes true absolutely 

SM: so yeah just going back to fifth down marketing now we saw on your social media yet on your Facebook page that Deonte Roberts coming from Rutgers is going to be part of your family moving forward so can you just tell us how did that come about and once that sort of football season ends the regular season your bowl season begin show do you guys look at you know who do we want a partnership with you know moving forward taking on new clients

DD: Well Deonte Roberts is a New Jersey guy, I grew up in New Jersey, Stacy grew up in New Jersey, there’s Rutgers University right it’s a great program there’s a lot of good football players that go to Rutgers, there’s a lot of good human beings. I thought Deonte who’s the captain his junior year, his numbers are insane, he’s from Brooklyn he’s like my face of Brooklyn football he’s also cousins of Curtis Samuel. However, you know he went to Rutgers and he was the captain there he’s a good player a really good player and a good person he’s a guy I want to work with cuz he wants to work with us and he he knows what we want to do and grow his brand and growing his brand I mean his logo right now is fire his branding logo is fired. our goal is to make him on the Rutgers Mount Rushmore in 20 years. Face of Brooklyn football c’mon

SM: Its about time so east coast recruits started to get up there and start to own the scene take the spotlight a little bit from about Texas Florida Ohio

DD: some talent in Jersey man, Stacey’s from there you know 

CH: that’s good so I want to talk a little bit more just about fifth down marketing as well so Steve mentioned you know the new guys you’re bringing on what would if I was a new recruit coming out and Steve mentioned earlier in the show we had Andy Isabella on the other day new recruit coming out how would I get in contact with fifth out marketing or what’s the strategy to get in contact with you guys or is it more of you guys are seeking out people you know Daniel you mentioned boutique and getting certain guy how big do you guys want to grow this thing

DD: a human being can only manage so many exactly individuals at once or else you’re not providing 150% and you know we’re trying to scale to a level that we make sure that we’re giving our guys are 150% to each guy because that 150% makes each guy bigger than what we’re gonna be in like how they get in touch with us they can DM us and Instagram we’ll talk to anybody. I’m friendly you know give advice but you know the end of the day you know we want to work with guys who want to grow their brands bigger than the sport of football guys who wanna like do things outside of football guys want to document their lives you know like that’s what it’s about I don’t want a guy just want to play football I want to get him a deal and you know I want to do a photo shoot I wanted to I want the guy to say y’all I want to do a photo shoot you don’t want you to take you know I want fun guys

SM:  so what I feel like now, one of the big things is gaming like how do you guys feel about it maybe it doesn’t really fit you know Zeke or Braxton’s personality but how do you guys feel in general about that avenue of you know guys going you know to twitch route it and you know all that stuff

DD: yeah if you’re gaming you’re not going on twitch livestream and every a lot of athletes game. braxton games, etc there’s a lot of brands out there there’s Scuff you know there’s G fuel you gonna endorsement deals if your gaming might as well go on Twitter stream and make money why not and I say it’s Braxton but he wants look he’s a guy who makes sure he’s always looking here’s a lot it doesn’t want people to see how he games right so he doesn’t do it however but if you’re gaming get that camera on cuz you’re it’s money to be made why don’t why don’t you game and make money you’re doing it anyway bro

SM: do you think it’s a smart avenue though like compared – 

DD: absolutely there’s brand others brands that are all controllers and supplements

CH:  Stacey what are your thoughts on anything new that’s coming out there like Steve mentioned gaming is there anything new that you see breaking into the scene that you think is is highly marketable whether it be LinkedIn or any of these platforms that a lot of athletes aren’t on

SE: I think one of the things I do see is is it you know athletes are starting in taking more control of their brand sure the direction that it goes and they are starting to buy into they’re more than just so I think more players to answer your question when they do endorsement deals they’re asking for equity in the company also. so people are taking more ownership and looking at their personal brand as a corporation

DD:  mm-hmm understand Braxton only wants equity deals he. $10,000 is cool but he wants you know build that portfolio and eventually you know hopefully turn the 50 mil into 500 mil yeah probably get a big contract I assume and like what do you do with that money right if you get equity in all these apps one of them might pop and they’re great 

CH: so as a marketing company how easy is it for you guys to ask for equity is it more the leverage play of who the brand is or is it more of hey we’ll do this but we want X amount of equity and they just like okay with it or is it have that partnership with..

SE: Depends on the player. the bigger the player to play with the marketing power – the more leverage they have

SM:  now I I really wanted to ask this to you Stacey – it’s um obviously you guys are a marketing brand and you’re doing you know a lot to help grow the image what happens when something happens like Ezekiel getting suspended – how do you not necessarily from a marketing standpoint but what type of it but how do you counsel someone that’s not just a client but your son that’s going through an obvious tough time what do you do there 

SE: well first and foremost from a professional standpoint the team has to me it has to strategize the team has to be all on the same page then you bring your client in the client has to buy it if someone on the team it’s not the same page with everyone else it leaves a gap it makes it more difficult for the client to buy into the strategy we do now we’d say 5th Down marketing but we do management – this is a managerial situation that can affect the marketing of a player and so what you so we do a lot of things proactive we’re very proactive

DD: 24/7 

SE: you know and some of the things that kind of slip through the cracks would Ezekiel was because it was a gap on the team at the time

DD:  it happens you know teamwork is so important Braxton’s father Kevin he’s the guy who I will speak with regarding any marketing because we want Braxton be successful at life so in a world where its like or you know we’re not gonna be any more marketing campaigns you got to focus on Xs and Os right like I know what the limit is and you know our goals to me can make sure that they’re always happier that positive energy positive mindset if you’re not feeling good it’s not good they gotta be happy man

SE: What I’m saying too now, to answer your question, in general the client can’t have yes men. know what people don’t understand and like even for my son in particular he was 20 years old he was drafted. He’s 23 years old and most 23 year olds are just graduating college

SM: but he’s on his way to his next Pro Bowl 

CH: yeah he’s got to grow up fast real fast right 

SE: exactly yeah so the people around a player like an Ezekiel Elliott can’t be fans they can’t be yes men they have to be serious about their business very professional and be willing to tell the client no and admonish the client when they’re wrong 

CH: so Stacey how do you weed those guys out do you know right from the jump it’s like oh I know this guy is is a fan and he’s gonna kind of you know be a yes-man or do you got to know from working with them for a long time like how do how do you your client know

SM: but to piggyback on that to of what about bad influences 

DD: sure you know luckily you know with Braxton he was a guy who everyone always he’s been getting harassed since he was in eighth grade even getting a scholarship so like bad influences he’s amateur and a professional where he knows it a guy wants (inaudible) he’s very picky of who hangs out with he’s a family man his sons the most important person to in the world that’s his best friend so he uses him hang out hangs out with his son isn’t party he’s a father, football player I’m not worried I don’t need to worry about that 

SE: the thing about Ezekiel Elliott that’s unique is that as his brand gets bigger his family’s brand gets bigger too his parents his sisters you know he hasn’t married and had children yet so it puts us in a very unique situation I know many NFL fathers one of my good friends is Odell Beckham senior and me and him we’ve been all around the country we’ve been on SportsCenter, ESPN but I’m more recognizable by face than he is and he’s more recognizable my name than I am, obviously being Odell Beckham SR.

DD: Stacey’s an amazing public speaker and I’ll say this story the Buckeyes played in New York even you know there’s a game and I introduced him to a few guys in school with and he told stories these kids were glued to their seats all right yeah this guy is like moving me my boy he’s an amazing speaker because stand in front of a whole shoe and get them moving 

SM: yeah it’s a good leadership quality too you know especially you know in a position trying to guide people’s image to be able to have that muscle to flex has to be really important

SE: one thing I want to say to her earlier the question you ask I have evolved I’m not the same Stacey Elliott I was when Ezekiel was drafted in this business that I am now four years in this business and we my son and my family we’ve had to learn sometimes tough through tough situations how to cope with the public and who to trust and not to trust you know so sometimes I even have to in the business we draw myself away because people get caught up in you know me being Ezekiell Eliott’s father you know thinking they may have access to Ezekiel through me mm-hm and so that’s where Danny comes in so so marvelously  because um he brings a lot of energy and knowledge and talent also and and so I have evolved so I can tell now I see a mile away 

SM: that’s great so you know we had asked earlier what advice would you give to just young kids that were looking to build their brand but you know in general what you guys have done is pretty remarkable in its own right you know building up a business with you know Zeke and Braxton. what advice would you give to someone that you know may not be good friends with or the father of someone where they have that close connection but they want to get into the space that you’re doing what’s the best type of advice that you guys could give

SE: one of the things that I tell young people throughout the country is to demand excellence on themselves I tell them that you got to work hard on and off the field and off the field for them is in the classrooms the thing that has not been magnified enough or wasn’t magnified enough though I tried to was to show that Ezekiel Elliott was just as great in the classroom as he was on the football field. we demanded that of him and so that’s the advice I give young people like you got it you got to just work hard in the classroom be a good human be respectful and you’ll get your break at some point I can’t tell you when but I know it’s going to happen

DD: yeah and you know any of these young individuals who want to get into sports days and like you’re in high school or middle school I would make these athletes you know mixes highlight videos of their plays I get in the Instagram I guess what they all look at their messages if you send them a sick video they’ll talk to you I’ve seen Braxton talk to kids who we’re 14 who making amazing videos and guess what we give those two kids what Braxton gives those kids either merch or talk to them advice and puts them on you know like give value don’t ask for money for a video DM your favorite player making one yeah just somebody did that one of our guys week show me love show me more 

CH: yeah that free work goes a long way and a lot of younger kids they look for that quick book but you don’t need that quick plug put in the work

SM: yeah that sense of entitlement to is kind of an issue

SE: Ohhhhh yea. We don’t allow that in the Elliott family, NOT in the Elliott household

CH: no that’s why you’re gonna be successful for a long time Stacy 

DD: We’re just getting started right now ,we gonna make sure that we’re we’re gonna do the best that we can do 24/7 you know, you’re a perfectionist 

SM: yeah and I I did want to ask us so of course you know we know that you just signed a new guy to your brand coming out of Rutgers

DD: Deonte Roberts from the University of Rutgers is two times captain from Brooklyn New York

SM: that’s right the hype train starts now but moving forward you know what are your guys you know do you have any like specific goals or a vision for maybe not just the next six months but you know five years from now do you have an idea of where you want your brand to be 

DD: our company’s brand?

SM: Yes

DD: I want to buy CAA 40 years, that’s my goal 

SM: love it 

SE: we’re gonna, we bring a unique-ness to this because we not only do sports marketing but we build brands we teach athletes to protect it for it and the moment we sign a client and we can’t tell we can’t say right now all the names of the claims that we’re gonna have yeah it’s slowly coming in though so we are making announcement but the moment we sign a client we are working with that client on his retirement planning right now we we also work with Lawrence Taylor hmm the greatest are gonna be maybe to ever play the game yep but this type of client we’re working to rebrand him and reintroduce him back to America so that America can see him greater, in years, than as a football player

DD: absolutely and Stacy said a good point like we work right away for example Deonte i facetimed one of the founders of ALife a Brooklyn based company hot street wear company and I faced I’m gonna make sure – I want him to be the face of Brooklyn. he’s, you know these guys don’t get anything in college, he’s about to go pro now let him be let him get a bunch of cool stuff from a dope brand in the city so we’re surprising him with that you know and like he’s just turned pro

SE: We can tell them about this, tell them about our next client  Our other newest client that plays for Ohio University. Talk about what he did las night

DD: Man. AJ is phenomenal. I don’t know if you guys watched the game last night about I knew other new was kinda plays for Ohio University and what he did last night – three touchdowns MVP you know he walked on to OU. he’s a winner. he’s gonna win. we want to work with winners end of the day that’s why I work with him – we want to work with winners I don’t care if you went to Rutgers I don’t care – it’s in Michigan if you don’t want to like win and do what you like if there’s more than football we want stories we want guys who know they’re gonna be freaking stars this guy’s an OU running back he’s amazing the kid got grit, walk-on,  MVP in the frickin bowl game, three touchdowns. you’re gonna tell me he’s not gonna get shot? he’s gonna get more than and a shot

CH: that’s awesome I like the the walk-on I’m glad you brought that up the walk-on because he’s oh he’s always gonna had that chip on his shoulder right he’s always gonna have whether it be in the NFL wherever he takes in life it’s always got that walk-on mentality of oh you thought I’m not good enough well let me prove you wrong right and that’s and that just ties into grit.

SE: Everyone’s had a Fifth Down in their life Who knew the University of Colorado would beat Missouri on a Fifth Down that they didn’t over turn and then go on to win a national championship on a fifth down

DD: Anything can happen at any time. that’s why I love documenting documenting your life like if there’s a guy that we have and they want a video camera I’m 24/7 hell yeah they say one thing during that segment that can go viral we could put that out and it could literally get tons of that tons of engagement knowing the brand involved you know we want we want to know to see what our guys are doing

SM: so you guys must be I’d imagine pretty big fans of the Alliance of American football you know the AAF coming out this year where if you do have a guy that for whatever reason doesn’t get a crack at the NFL there’s at least now a Developmental League where he has a good shot of making the roster where he and then get that fifth down so to speak of getting back into the NFL to have his chance to really shine 

DD: I think I think it’s pretty cool you know I saw it on Twitter you know jaylen Marshalls there now he’s a superstar amazing athlete

SM: I couldn’t believe it’s probably one of the biggest names there

DD:  He’s a great kid and you know what and it’s good money from what I hear it’s phenomenal so I think there should be opportunities everywhere in the states you know great coaches right 

CH: yeah oh yeah 

SE: Anything that has the opportunity one of the things about our company and our vision is at some point I just want the athlete to look beyond being athlete because my college coach used to say to me about the game of football is your highest high and the lowest low and that sounds like a drug. And when that drug of football is replaced I mean it’s over it has to be replaced with something and so that is ultimate goal for fifth down we can do with marketing build brands and all of that  but we want our clients to be able to cope with the day when those fans are not cheering your name with not being called and be wrapped around the game of football

DD: Braxton loves technology he texts me technology stuff 24/7 in college he wasn’t like this but he’s learned he loves it. I call him Silicon Brax , he’s loved it, he’s learning a lot he’s at the library reading books in his spare time he doesn’t go out he like wants to learn technology like man he gets me motivated 

SM: yeah that’s awesome I mean obviously at some point it doesn’t matter how good you are father time catches up with you and you have to have that sort of exit strategy of okay what’s next so the fact that you guys recognize that embrace that it is only gonna serve you know Braxton, Zeke and everyone else in the Fifth Down family you know it’s gonna certain dividends . Chris did you have anything else?

CH: no no this is awesome guys and you know I appreciate you guys jumping on with us too we don’t eat up too much of your time and you know I’m rooting for both Zeke and Braxton you know hope nothing but the best for those guys and that’s for you guys as well with fifth down marketing and I hope it grows to be a the Empire that you know I know it can be just talking to you – and the masterminds behind it 

DD: Thank you. we appreciate the support. I mean from what I see I everyone hates Ohio State so it’s like we love the guys we work with and work for and I like you guys are awesome,  like Boston , UMass, lets go! Boston College even.

SE: Thank you for having us own guys

CH: We appreciate your time Stacey, good luck

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