Quarterback Whisperer, Chris Hixson, talks Trent Dilfer’s QBIQ System | vIQ #43

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On this episode of the vIQtory podcast we are joined by Quarterback Guru and the engine behind Trent Dilfer’s QBIB System, Chris Hixson. 

Chris is a football lifer who played college ball at URI and had a career in the AFL before switching to the coaching side. He has developed a passing league and over the years he formulated the ‘QBIQ System’ which is now backed by Trent Dilfer and John Brenkus. Coach Hixson tells us his football journey and breaks down what the QBIQ system is

Check out the Coach Hixson at chrishixson.com and follow the QBIQ system on social media @qbiqsystem and at qbiqsystem.com

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