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Every Football Fan Wants To Get Inside Of The Coach's Mind...

Football is a game of organized chaos.

There are so many things to learn that go into making a championship caliber team and player. 

What about the scheme? What about the individual technique? What do coaches actually see?

Keep in mind that every person learning football, started out just like you. They were slowly introduced to the game and learned from friends, family or online resources.

Unfortunately, with our busy day jobs, family, and weekend outings, not all of us have the time or patience to learn more about football. 

The good news for you is... you don't need to rely on TV shows or YouTube videos with endless commercials to finally get to the point.

We've created a blueprint to help you learn football quickly and efficiently.

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The Ultimate Football Guide

The Days Of Being The Smartest Person In The Room Are Upon You...

There are so many scattered resources on Google and YouTube, there's no concrete place to start learning.

That's why we created the Ultimate Football Guide.

When you're done with The Ultimate Football Guide, you'll be able to go to any game or watch any game on TV and know exactly what the coach is teaching or calling!

What's Waiting For You Inside...

Offensive Philosophy

Learn how offenses like the West Coast and Air Raid rose to popularity.

Defensive Philosophy

Learn exactly why your favorite team runs a 4-3, 3-4 or even a 4-2-5 defense and the strategy behind it.

From The Pros

Exclusive interviews from former professional players like Dan Orlovsky, Cedric Benson, Hall Of Famer Willie Roaf and more!

Coverage Breakdown

Football has evolved over the years and the new slang can have your mind spinning. We'll be your football Rosetta Stone!

Meet Your Instructor

Chris Haddad  //  Football Coach

Hey there! My name is Chris Haddad, founder of vIQtory Sports. I'll be teaching this course and helping to bring some clarity to your mind on this chaotic game of football.

A little about me - I played high school and college football. I currently coach high school football and have been doing so for the last 8 years.

IOur football IQ is typically based upon if you played football for a smart coach, or if you spent hours researching football.

This is why I built The Ultimate Football Guide to help you learn football at a rapid rate and instantly improve your IQ.

Chris Haddad

What Our Fans Are Saying:

Brought Clarity To Sundays...

I'm a diehard 49ers fan and couldn't for the life of me figure out why they only had 3 players on the line of scrimmage. Now I understand the 3-4 structure and why they run it.

JACKSON M.  //  Fan

Understanding The Game My Son Plays

I didn't play football growing up, only learned it from watching it. I didn't understand why my son's coach ran certain plays, but now I do thanks to this course. Good detail and easy to follow along with.

MIKE D.  //  Dad & Fan

Lessons Inside

Offensive & Defensive Concepts

Learn why offenses run certain formations and how defenses counter act their attack.

Quarterback Guide

Get directly in the mind of your favorite quarterback and learn why they do what they do.

Running Back Guide

Learn how running backs quickly process information and find the holes in the defense.

Wide Receiver & Tight End Guide

We go deep into the art of route running and how players get open after the snap.

Offensive & Defensive Line Guide

Arguably the most technical position in any sport, we show you how the biggest players on the field hold their ground.

Defensive Back Guide

The most athletic position on the field is the defensive backs. Learn how they cover the speediest of wide receivers and limit explosive plays.

Linebacker Guide

Linebackers must be able to play aggressively to the run as well as cover the pass. Learn how they adjust to both situations.

Referee Signal Breakdown

We show you exactly why the camera pans to the referee and what each penalty means.

BONUS Slang Sheet ($19 Value)

Understand what slot receivers, nickelbacks and much more mean in our slang sheet. 

Bonus Exclusive Interviews

Exclusive interviews with former professional football players.

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get full satisfaction with our guides, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund. We want you to learn and love this great game of football, and it's our job to fulfill that promise.

Chris Haddad

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Course Online?

Yes this course is 100% online and can be accessed from any device.

Can't I Just Learn This On YouTube Or Google?

You could. But it would take you hours to piece everything together. This course is a blueprint that will fast track you to learn faster.

How Easy Is It To Learn Football?

With the right teacher, it's easy! If you need to fumble through all of the information yourself, it can get pretty overwhelming.

When Can I Access The Course?

As soon as you purchase the course, we give you immediate access.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for anyone who is new to football, and wants to follow along with ease.

Do You Have A Money Back Guarantee?

We do! It's 30 days from the day you purchase the course.

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