Built For The Quarterback Coach Who Wants To Create A Mechanically Sound

Great quarterbacks aren't born, they are created. Learn how to manufacture a winning game manager.


Quarterbacks Have The Most Pressure Of Any Player & There's Nothing They Can Do About It...

In fact, it's very common at the youth and high school level that games are won and loss from the quarterback position. They are the most criticized position arguably in any sport.

Here's The Problem You Face...

There's only one quarterback you can put on the field. Most coaches will use the player who remembers the plays the best, or has the best arm. Well what if you can mechanically fix any quarterback so your options for quarterback suddenly open up to even more players?

There's Now A Solution...

Let me introduce you to the Quarterback University course.

This course is specifically designed by offensive coordinators and quarterback coaches to help you turn your signal callers into elite gamechangers.

Quarterback University

What's Included?

  • 2+ Hours on how to create an elite quarterback from the ground-up.
  • Fundamental tutorials so you can make sure the ball is properly handed off and thrown with accuracy.
  • Pocket presence tutorials so you can teach your players to be comfortable in the pocket and not panic when there's a rush.
  • Unlimited access to this course (for life)
  • Access to the vIQtory staff for any questions you may have.

Who Is Teaching This Course?

Coach Chris Haddad

Founder of vIQtory Sports. Chris has learned from over 500+ professional, college, and high school coaches.

All of these videos can be found on our YouTube channel which has over 25,000+ coaches subscribed. Chris had previously coached quarterbacks for 6 years at Bellingham High School in MA.

Chris Haddad


What Coaches Are Saying

Coach Chris Leblanc

Defensive Coach - Milford High School

These courses do a great job of explaining the finer details of each position. I've shared these courses with my defensive staff who review them before each season. Highly recommend!

Coach Ryan Swingle

OL Coach - University Of Connecticut

"Chris & Danny have the coaches-first mindset, which really shines in their courses. These courses are great for all levels of coaching and should be the key foundational piece for any youth or high school program."

Course Overview

Here's everything that is included with your purchase. Each module will cover different topics of playing quarterback.

Module 1 - Throwing Mechanics

  • How To Grip A Football
  • 11 Throwing Tips
  • Proper Ball Carriage

Module 2 - Pocket Presence

  • How To Move In The Pocket
  • Teaching Proper Foundation Mechanics
  • Throwing On The Run

Module 3 - Creating A Leader

  • Commanding A Huddle
  • Becoming A Quarterback

Module 4 - Quarterback Drills

  • 15+ Drills

One Time Purchase

Lifetime Access


Best For Coaches Who Want To Instantly Improve Their Quarterback Play

  • 2+ Hours Of Quarterback Content & Drills
  • Unlimited Access To The Course
  • Q&A With vIQtory Support Team
  • Automatic Access To New Content

You are fully protected by our 7-Day 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If you don't get full satisfaction with our courses, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund. We want you to learn and love this great game of football, and it's our job to fulfill that promise.


How Do I Access This Course?

Once you purchase, we will be given a login where you can easily access your purchases.

Can I Access This Course Forever?

Yes! Once you purchase, you will have access forever. We are constantly adding content to this course, so you will get access to that content as well.

Can I Access This On Mobile As Well?

Yes! Our content can be viewed on any device, as long as you're logged in.

What If I Have A Question?

We're here to help! Send us an email [email protected] and we will get back to you within the day. If you don't want to email us, we're always available on X @vIQtorysports.