Throwing It Forward




Want to learn about the “new school” Air Raid Offense? Rich Hargitt presents the Air Raid 3.0, a revolutionary new way to push the football down field. As football continues to evolve, Rich details his system he’s been crafting and upgrading over the 20+ years of coaching.

Creating an ID system for the defense, unique signaling and communication between coaches and players and RPO installation techniques – Rich covers everything you need to build a powerhouse offense.

In this book, Rich covers:

  • Off-Season & Installation
  • Pass Protection
  • Now Package
  • Quick Game Package
  • Drop Back Passes
  • Run Game
  • Play Action
  • RPOs
  • Empty
  • Red Zone
  • Game planning

Upgrade and install this new style of Air Raid into your current system to light up the scoreboard!

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