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Surface To Air Winter Manual



The Surface To Air Winter Manual is an e-Book made up of contributions from different offense minds. Coaches that have contributed to this book include:

  • Rich Hargitt – S2A Co-Founder
  • Eric Solbakken – Lake Stevens, WA
  • Steve Kirk – Argenta, IL
  • Brian Brady – North Vancouver, Canada
  • Jacob Morris – Dry Ridge, KY
  • Sam Baker – Grayslake, IL

Topics that are included in this E-Book:

  • Trap and Belly RPOs
  • Power & Counter RPOs
  • Buck Sweep RPOs
  • Incorporating a Simple Run Game
  • Language
  • Pass Screen Option Game
  • Protecting Your Best Runs With RPOs
  • Laying The Foundation To Run S2A Based RPOs

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