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Coordinating An Offense Is Difficult

As an offensive coordinator, you’re tasked with scoring as many points as possible and keeping the fans in the stands happy. Defenses, however, are starting to get advanced with 3, 4 and 5 man fronts. 

You need to be able to move the ball down the field with efficiency, no matter what the defense is showing.

Currently the only way to learn how to coordinate an offense is by:

  • Logging hundreds of hours on YouTube digging through content
  • Spending thousands of dollars on courses
  • Spending long days and nights away from your family driving to clinics

The final way to learn how to coordinate an offense is by actually learning from coaching in games. However, if you do poorly, there’s a good chance you’ll feel stress from your administration, parents, and even your own players.

No More Coaching Stress

The offensive coordinator needs to wear many hats. It isn’t just calling plays and scoring points.

The hardest part of being an offensive coordinator is organizing practices, directing coaches and making sure your scheme is perfected. While it may easy, it’s often a difficult and overwhelming task, if you’re not prepared properly.

In order to create an offensive juggernaut, you’ll have to create processes and steps with both your coaching staff and players to ensure everyone is on the same page.

This often takes months, sometimes years to get organized.

However, the days of stressing to get organized are over. We’re going to help you be the most efficient coach on your staff.

Introducing Offensive Coordinator University

Build an offense that scores points consistently. Whether you’ve been coaching for years or just starting out, the offensive coordinator course will help you construct an offense that scores points. How do we help you?


Stay organized and efficient. Every example that we show you on screen, will have a template that you can fill out for your team.

Video Instruction

Written doesn’t help with dynamic outcomes. Our videos will help you solve solutions you’ll encounter on game day.

Access To The vIQtory Staff

Stuck on something? We’re here to help! Our staff will help you with any issues you may have before, during or after the season!

Install Guides

Installing an offense is tough. Coaches and players must be on the same page. We help to ensure it’s a smooth process.

Templates To Keep You Organized

Not only do we show you how to structure practices and your call sheets, we give you editable templates so you can start building your offense. Templates included in this course:

  • Practice Template
  • Offensive Call Sheet
  • Situational Template
  • Wristband Template
  • Sticker Chart
  • Why Are Templates Important?

    Organization and structure. These templates have all the guidelines you need to get started as an offensive coordinator. All you need to do is simply fill out the information with your team’s players and play calls.

    The basis of what we do is to make sure that you can plug and play everything we teach in our course. We want to make sure that the minute you hit the practice field, you and your staff are firing on all cylinders.

    Taught By Football Coaches With Over 20+ Years Experience

    20+ Combined Years – Our staff currently lives, sleeps and eats football. Everything we teach in our courses, we currently do with our high school teams. We’re not just salesman on the internet, we’re in the trenches with you.

    Offensive & Defensive Perspectives – Our staff coaches both sides of the football. So not only do we know what the offense is thinking, we are coaching it.

    USA Today & New England Patriots Coaching Staff Awards – Our coaching staff was awarded the USA today coaching staff of the year. We take pride in coaching kids and helping coaches get better.

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    150+ Drills To Master Your Individual Positions ($29 Value)

    Included in your purchase is 150+ Football Drills For Coaches, written by vIQtory founder, Chris Haddad.

    In this book you’ll find 20+ drills for each position group, including tackling and special teams drills. Not only will you be fully equipped to schedule a practice, you’ll have the drills to back it up as well.

    Positions and topics that are found in this book are quarterback, running back, wide receiver, offensive line, defensive line, linebackers, defensive backs, tackling, and special teams.

    We’ve created this book to be a one stop shop to help your players improve and to help your practices be as smooth as possible.

    Template Bundle ($39 Value)

    Every coaching template that you will ever need. Inside of our template bundle are 18 templates that will help you stay organized and efficient as an offensive coordinator.

    Play call sheets, practice templates, depth chart and much more are included in this bundle.

    When you join Offensive Coordinator University, you unlock this special deal and instantly become a more organized coach.

    Here’s What’s Included In Your Purchase

    10+ Hours Of Content ($200 Value)

    Video content that will help you become a better prepared and organized offensive coordinator.

    Our course content is tailored to the busy coach who can watch on the fly and still have time for his family, team and friends.

    Printable Templates ($39 Value)

    Plug and play templates that are ready upon purchase. 

    Each template has a video that is related to it, that way you can see exactly how we fill it out.

    Offensive Blueprint ($79 Value)

    Our course outline will help blueprint how to best approach your coaching staff and players. 

    Players want to be coached and coached hard.

    Access To The vIQtory Staff ($400 Value)

    We’re here to answer all of your offensive questions about the course or with situations, you may have.

    Simply send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    *Bonus* 150+ Football Drills For Coaches($29 Value)

    150+ Football drills with diagrams and explanations to help you set up and execute meaningful drills.

    Get the most out of your drills during practice that directly relate to the game.

    Lifetime Access

    Access this course wherever and whenever you are, for life!

    Once you purchase this course you will always have access to it. There is no time frame on what it needs to be seen or completed.

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    1. Coach Wilkerson

      I balked at the price tag at first but this course head everything I needed to actual structure a practice, call plays and get my coaches organized. Last year we were so unorganized and parents were going crazy. I’ve never called plays so this was a huge help to get me started. I feel a lot more comfortable now. Danny and Chris have been a huge help to answer any questions I had as well.

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