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60+ Formations Template



We’ve created a printable formations template with over 60+ pages of formations.

Give your players this packet to ensure they know how to lineup against every formation that you may see.

Coaches – Use this template to make sure your defense can defend against every type of formation.


  • Over 60+ formations from 5 wide receivers to power formations like I-Pro
  • Enter your information with our preset fields, including Formation, Play Call, Adjustments/Checks & Notes
  • Formations include cut splits, X & Z-off formations & more!
  • Print out and write on this sheet or digitally draw on this PDF document

This packet is great for both the off-season and selected formations during the in-season.


How Do I Get This Template? After purchase, this template will be available for immediate use.

Do These Templates Work For All Levels? Yes! These templates work for youth, high school, college, and professional levels.

Can I Edit This Template? This Template is in PDF format. You will need a PDF editor to edit.

Are These Templates Print-Ready? Yes! All templates are pre-formatted and ready to print once you enter all the information you need.



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