Otis Grigsby on Battling in the NFL and Forging a Career After It | vIQ #69

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On this episode of the vIQtory Podcast, we are joined by former NFL Defensive End, Otis Grigsby.

As an All-State Texas Linebacker, Otis decided to play his college ball at Kentucky. After 4 years there he signed with the Dolphins in 2003 as an undrafted free agent. Otis would then spend 2003-2009 battling to make NFL rosters, playing in NFL Europe and doing everything possible to live his dream.

Grigsby knew his NFL journey would eventually come to an end, so while still playing, he planted seeds to have future success. Otis went to law school and has had his hand in a number of business ventures. Among his most recent is his involvement with BEMER technology (link below to check it out) but he is also active in helping young athletes develop the mindset to win.

Keep up with Otis’ journey by following him on social media and to lear more about his BEMER product check out: http://www.umustsee.net/RKM7RE

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