Set New Standards For Each Position Group

Successful Coaches Can Master Every Position

The scoreboard says 0 in the fourth quarter. Whether you're an offensive coordinator or a position coach, you hold some of the blame. The entire weight of the program, school, and town is on your shoulders.

How Do You Make Sure Your Players Perform? How Do You Turn Your Position Group Into Dominant & Confident Warriors? 

Keep in mind that every successful position coach, started out just like you. They had to reformulate their position plan over and over again.

Unfortunately, not all of us have time on our side to constantly dig through YouTube videos & Google searches. 

The good news for you is... you no longer have to wait to comb through hours of videos to find which technique is best.

We've created a blueprint to help you build your football knowledge quickly and efficiently.

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The vIQtory Offensive University Bundle

offensive bundle

The Days Of Anxiously Searching The Web For Football Lessons Are Over

Information around the web is so scattered and mostly outdated. At vIQtory, we've spent countless hours meeting with coaches from the professional level all the way to the high school level. 

That's why we created the Offensive Bundle, to give you all the tools you'll need to improve your position groups.

When you're done with our Offensive Bundle, you'll be able to confidently coach every position on offense.

What's Waiting For You Inside...

University Courses

We crafted step by step guides for each  offensive position, that will help you create powerful, explosive players.

Offensive Coordinator Course

We created a framework for offensive coordinators to structure their practices, calls, and game day communication.

150+ Drills & Plays

Included is two books (digital) with 150+ Football Drills & 150+ Plays In The Spread Offense, written by Chris & Danny Haddad.

Template Bundle

Don't spend hours making play sheets, depth charts and other tedious templates. We provide you with 18 pre-made plug and play templates.

Meet Your Instructors

Chris Haddad  //  Football Coach

Hey there! My name is Chris Haddad, founder of vIQtory Sports. I'll be teaching this course and helping you to relieve some stress on coaching.

A little about me - I've been coaching football for 10+ years, currently at a high school in Massachusetts.

I've also been fortunate through the vIQtory platform to speak to over 100+ coaches about scheme, technique and more!

This is why I built The vIQtory Coaches Kit, to help you and your staff be the best coaches they can possibly be.

Chris Haddad

Meet Your Instructors

Danny Haddad Jr.  //  Football Coach

Hey coach! My name is Danny Haddad, the other half of vIQtory Sports. I'll also teaching this course and helping you through the madness of coaching.

A little about me - I've also been coaching football for 10+ years, currently the offensive coordinator at the same school as Chris, in Bellingham, Massachusetts.

I'm here to support on everything on offense and make sure you can easily grasp each concept and implement it into your team.

I'm excited to get started and make this journey an enjoyable one!

Danny Haddad Jr.

What Coaches Are Saying:

Great Preparation For A Championship Season...

These courses are great to sharpen your sword as a coordinator and provide a road map for position coaches!

COACH ANTHONY VIZAKIS  //  Coach - King Philip High School, MA

Perfect For Any Offensive Coach

Chris & Danny have the coaches-first mindset, which really shines in this curriculum. Great courses to help coaches of all ages.

COACH RYAN SWINGLE  //  Coach - Hamilton College, NY

Courses Included

Offensive Coordinator University

Learn how to plan practices, game scripts and everything you need to orchestrate a high flying offense.

Quarterback University

Quarterback mechanics are one of the hardest things to teach. We help breakdown the important ground and throwing mechanics to accurately push the ball down the field.

Running Back University

Reduce fumbles and break more tackles by learning the proper technique in our Running Back University course.

Wide Receiver University

Want to create an explosive wide receiver core? The Wide Receiver University course will help you create wide receivers that stem, stack, and dominate defensive backs.

Offensive Line University

The offensive line is the most important unit on offense. Poor technique often results in tackles for loss and sacks. The Offensive Line University course will equip you with the knowledge to start building a wrecking crew.

BONUS 18 Template Bundle ($29 Value)

Staying organized as a coach is important. We've curated the best 18 templates that you need for you, your staff and your team to stay organized from week to week.

BONUS 150+ Football Drills ($19 Value)

Included in your purchase is 150+ drills for all positions, including 20+ tackling drills that you can implement today. Each drill comes with a diagram and a corresponding video library.

BONUS 150+ Plays In The Spread Offense ($19 Value)

Not sure where to get started in the run and pass game? We've curated a resource of 150+ plays in the spread offense that will ignite your offense and get your skill players in the open field.

The Best Time To Start Learning is Now

Here's What You Get With Your Purchase:

  • All University Courses (4 In Total)
  • Offensive Coordinator University
  • 18 Coaching Templates (BONUS)
  • 150+ Drills For Football Coaches With Video Library (BONUS)
  • 150+ Plays In The Spread Offense (BONUS)
  • Access To The vIQtory Staff For Questions (BONUS)
  • Lifetime Access

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get full satisfaction with our guides, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund. We want you to learn and love this great game of football, and it's our job to fulfill that promise.

Chris Haddad

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Course Online?

Yes this course is 100% online and can be accessed from any device.

Can't I Just Learn This On YouTube Or Google?

You could. But it would take you hours to piece everything together. This course is a blueprint that will fast track you to learn faster.

How Easy Is It To Learn Football?

With the right teacher, it's easy! If you need to fumble through all of the information yourself, it can get pretty overwhelming.

When Can I Access The Course?

As soon as you purchase the course, we give you immediate access.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for anyone who is new to football, and wants to follow along with ease.

Do You Have A Money Back Guarantee?

We do! It's 30 days from the day you purchase the course.

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