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Josh Martin on Being More Than an Athlete

Beyond the Helmet is a podcast series from vIQtory Sports, a football education platform. We feature football athletes and closely related personalities on as guests on our podcast. See what we are all about at and @vIQtorySports on social media.

On this episode of the Beyond the Helmet we are joined by current NFL player Josh Martin. Josh speaks on his 7 year NFL career and using his platform,, to share more himself with the public.

Josh finished his 7th season in the NFL. Within the last calendar year he also began his podcast, Journey for More, his Vlogs, First Down and Life, writing his blogs on his site  AND filming Making America which he is in the process of editing. Of course, we had to dive into how anyone could juggle all of it.

While Martin is much more than just an athlete, we did also break down his journey through the NFL. Going from virtually invisible to schools as high school senior, he spoke about getting on to the Columbia football team and working himself into a NFL player. This includes him going undrafted and playing for a number of teams before he broke through as a starter with the Jets.

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