J.R. Tolver on Entrepreneurship and his Football Journey | vIQ #50

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J.R. Tolver speaks on entrepreneurship and his football journey.

On this episode of the vIQtory podcast we are joined by former All-American Wide Receiver, San Diego State Hall of Famer, J.R. Tolver. 

J.R. gave it his all for 6 years as a professional athlete before he focused his energy on being an entrepreneur. As an athlete he was drafted by the Dolphins in 2003 and also spent time with Cowboys in the NFL before playing in both the CFL and AFL. Tolver has focused his career after football to build successful businesses and positively effect his community.

Keep up with JR on LinkedIn and also on Twitter and Instagram as well.


  1. I really enjoy working with JR. His professionalism and ability to relate to business owners and entrepreneurs are exceptional. You will find he is very knowledgable about his products and if he can’t help you he has plenty of resources to make sure you are taken care of. I am so glad you highlighted him on this podcast.

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