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Football Is A Complicated Game To Learn By Yourself

If you're sitting down for the first time watching a football game, it may seem confusing and fast-paced. Players are consistently coming on and off the field, the announcers are using slang terms that make no sense and the referees appear on the screen every 5 minutes to make an announcement.

Meanwhile, your boyfriend is glued to the TV screen, cheering for his favorite team and constantly checking his phone for fantasy football updates.

You're afraid to ask him what is going on every two seconds, so you sit quietly and cheer for his team when he gets excited.

The Football Season Lasts For 5 Months (20 Months)

The year's first football is played in late August. This means you have roughly five months worth of watching football (20 Sundays) to endure.

20 Sundays and you can almost guarantee your boyfriend will be glued to the TV from noon until late at night.

This means 20 Sundays that you will more than likely be with your boyfriend watching football in the living room.

You Can Now Look Forward To Sundays In The Fall!

Those 20 Sundays are no longer spent watching 10+ hours of football and having no clue what is going on during the game.

No more being afraid to ask your boyfriend or his friends questions when something exciting happens in a big moment.

What We Mean Is...

You can instantly transform how you spend Sundays with your boyfriend for the rest of your life. You can now look forward to Sundays!

The Girlfriends Guide To Learning Football has everything that you need to know when trying to learn football.

Here's What You'll Learn:

Basics Of Football

If you have no exposure to the game of football, you will learn everything you need to and then some!


Common terminology of the game that you can use to follow along with the offenses, defenses, and special teams

Slang Terms

Understanding slang terms is a major part of learning football. Your boyfriend, his friends, and the announcer use slang terms. We provide you a complete guide to help decipher these terms

Instructional Walkthrough

We aren’t just going to throw information at you. We walk you through, step by step, to ensure you know everything you need about the football game.

Video Examples

Every element we teach in this course has a video attached. This means you can compare what you’re learning to what you’ll actually see during the game.

Staff Resources

This course isn’t just a one-time purchase. You have lifetime access to the course and unlimited resources from our staff. Ask us any questions, and we’ll be happy to help!

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20 Minutes A Day Promise

We’re here to help, but we need yours too! You’ll only need 20 minutes a day to transform your knowledge of football from novice to expert! This is the bare minimum time you need per day to enhance your football IQ greatly.

Meet Your Instructor

Chris Haddad
Founder Of vIQtory Sports

Growing up with a mother, sister, and even now a girlfriend who was new to football, I know firsthand the struggle for quality resources.

This is why I crafted the Girlfriends Guide To Learning Football with their help, to ensure all of your questions are answered.

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Slang Terminology Guide
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This slang terminology guide will help you follow along with every term or phrase your boyfriend says during the game. You can now surprise him with all the new slang terms you’ll learn in this guide. You might be able to teach him a thing or 2!

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Access To Our Entire Staff
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Did you hear something on TV or maybe a phrase that your boyfriend always says that you still don’t know what it means? Ask our staff! We’re happy to help with any questions you may have.

What Other Girlfriends Are Saying

Quick & easy to go through. My boyfriend appreciated that I took the time and effort to learn about one of his true passions!

Mandi H.

I learned a ton! Everything was taught at a slow pace and very easy to follow. Highly recommend!

Noelle H.

I’ve tried watching YouTube videos, but they always left out key details. This course has everything I needed!

Sara W.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This For?

This course is for women (or men) who want to learn more about the game of football from a fundamental level

Will I See Results With This Course?

Yes! People who have taken this course see results faster, spending at least 20 minutes a day learning.

Does This Come With All Of The Bonuses?

Yes! This limited-time deal includes all bonuses and the discounted price of $39.

Do I Really Have Access To The vIQtory Staff?

Yes! If you have any questions about football, reach out to us on social media or via email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How To Contact Us

The best way to reach us is to email us at co[email protected] or DM us on any platform @viqtorysports.

Do I Have To View The Course On A Computer?

You do not! You can take the course on a phone, tablet, or computer if you’d like.

What If I Hate The Course?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Why Is This Course Different From Other Online Resources?

Our guide is designed for busy girlfriends/wives who can only dedicate 20-30 minutes daily to learning. We don’t make long boring videos, we don’t drag on content for watch time, and we don’t add fluff to any of our videos. Everything is short and to the point. We value your time just as much as ours!

Let's Sum Up What You Get...

Course Content: A step-by-step instructional course that helps you learn the ins and outs of football. Our 20 minutes a day formula will help you learn the complete game.

Bonus #1: Slang Sheet ($49 Value)

Bonus #2: Access To The vIQtory Staff ($100 Value)

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