Gerome Sapp on his Football Journey all the way to MVP | vIQ #55

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On this episode of the vIQtory podcast we are joined by former Notre Dame standout and 5 year NFL vet, Gerome Sapp .

Gerome was one of the best high school athletes in the country and he chose to challenge himself by going to Notre Dame. After 4 years there, which ended in a wrist injury, he was drafted by the Ravens. He played alongside some all-time talent in Baltimore and Indianapolis before deciding to step away from the game on his terms.

Sapp continued to find success in the business world after his playing days were over, having multiple successful ventures. Today he spends most of his time concentrating on being a great father to his sons and on M.V.P., Merging Vets and Players. This Non-profit helps retired military veterans and former athletes work together so they can start a second career.

Keep up with Gerome by following him on Instagram or check him out on LinkedIn. Also, check out MVP at

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