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From The Coaches & Players

From The Coaches & Players

Football shouldn’t be complicated. We believe in creating an environment for any skill level to learn football. Hear from both coaches and players who have worked with us to help build our education platform.

Thanks to @vIQtorySports for a great time talking Football last night! @CoachOFlaherty #20yearsin2020

— Complete QB (@CompleteQB) May 6, 2020

This was fun to do and I got to share some of my journey throughout my playing career. If you’ll have time check it out…I drop a few gems on what makes a successful person/player. Hope everybody enjoys & thanks to the fellas for having me on!!

— DjShockley (@DjShockley3) August 1, 2019

I’ve never done a podcast or YouTube live until this week and now thanks to @vIQtorySports I’ve been blessed to be able to speak football with some great guys.

— Coach Kenny Simpson (@fbcoachsimpson) December 16, 2019

Thanks to @vIQtorySports for having me on tonight. It’s a great platform ran by football guys who want to talk ball. I had blast tonight and look forward to joining you guys in the future. @CompleteQB

— Ryan O’Flaherty (@CoachOFlaherty) April 22, 2020

Too much detail to type here on Twitter. If you’re interested in hearing how I coach wide zone here at Grayson check out my free e-clinic with @vIQtorySports or the e-clinic I did for @RunThePower HOT summit last summer

— Jake Timmerman (@Coach_Timmerman) February 27, 2020

#RavensFlock – this is some EXCELLENT video content from @chrisvIQtory and @Coach_Swingle breaking down the impact of #Ravens TE Mark Andrews

I recommend giving them a follow if you’re interested in watching live breakdowns of film. Very well done.

— Cole Jackson (@ColeJacksonRSR) September 19, 2019

Definitely a fresh perspective. First time I ever heard of him was on your YouTube channel when he was going over the book.

Thank you also! 🙏🏾

— Josiah Reed, M.Ed (@CoachReed10) March 20, 2020

Big Help if your a D-Lineman. And helps you realize the moves you can prevent as a O-Lineman. Thank you @vIQtorySports

— JettDclan35 (@dclan35) April 26, 2019

Had a great discussion with @chrisvIQtory tonight while recording for a future @L4SShow. Lot of great insight in this one! Be sure to check out @vIQtorySports. Thanks again Coach! #L4SShow

— Adam Wardlaw (@CoachWardlaw) April 11, 2019

💯Allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy all sports that you can and want to play!

Check out this article by @vIQtorySports about the benefits that @CoachKurtHines also points out.

— Coach Patrick Tuia (@CoachTuia) July 31, 2019

Thanks for the shared info and experience from your first year coach.
Lots of great nuggets and ideas for the development of strong foundations and cultures for a successful program as well as solid well rounded student athletes .. Keep up the Good work .

— CoachSeeley (@KenSeeley5) April 15, 2020