How Would You Like To Build A Tough & Disciplined Defense That Other Teams Fear?

Learn the exact techniques it takes to create a run stopping, tough and physical defense

Coordinating A Defense Is Difficult

As a defensive coordinator, you’re strapped with the daunting task of stopping high powered offenses. Spread and power offenses have evolved to put players in conflict and take advantage of space.

It’s up to the defensive coordinator to put a stop to these offenses, or you’ll instantly be grilled by administration, fans and even players. 

The task of getting all of your position coaches on the same page can be stressful. You have to ensure that all of your coaches are speaking the same language and teaching the kids the same techniques.

Get 60 Aggressive Players On The Same Page

The defensive coordinator needs to wear many hats. People in the stands think that they just call plays from a sheet. There is much much more that goes into the hard task of calling plays.

However, if you’re efficient with your practice scripts, your scheme and your overall structure with your coaches, it’s almost guaranteed you will do well.

But how do you get started in being the shut down defensive coordinator that you’ve always dreamed to be? How do you create a defensive culture that the kids love and the fans in the stands in the admire?

Introducing Defensive Coordinator University

Building anything starts with a foundation. However, time is sensitive when striving to be the best coach in your area. If you’ve been coaching for years or just starting out, the defensive coordinator course will help you build a foundation to start to build a defense that other teams fear. How do we help you?


Stay organized and efficient. Every example that we show you on screen, will have a template that you can fill out for your team.

Video Instruction

Stay organized and efficient. Every example that we show you on screen, will have a template that you can fill out for your team.

Access To Any Questions

Stuck on something? We’re here to help! Our staff will help you with any issues you may have before, during or after the season!

Install Guides

Installing a defense is tough. Coaches and players must be on the same page. We help to ensure it’s a smooth process.

Templates To Keep You Organized

Not only do we show you how to structure practices and your call sheets, we give you editable templates so you can start building your defense. Templates included in this course:

  • Practice Template
  • Defensive Call Sheet
  • Situational Template
  • Wristband Template
  • Launch Charts
  • & More!

Taught By Football Coaches With Over 20+ Years Experience

20+ Combined Years – Our staff currently lives, sleeps and eats football. Everything we teach in our courses, we currently do with our high school teams. We’re not just salesman on the internet, we’re in the trenches with you.

Offensive & Defensive Perspectives – Our staff coaches both sides of the football. So not only do we know what the offense is thinking, we are coaching it.

USA Today & New England Patriots Coaching Staff Awards – Our coaching staff was awarded the USA today coaching staff of the year. We take pride in coaching kids and helping coaches get better.

Sign Up Today & Get $88 Worth Of Bonuses

Template Bundle ($39 Value)

Every coaching template that you will ever need. Inside of our template bundle are 18 templates that will help you stay organized and efficient as a defensive coordinator.

Play call sheets, practice templates, depth chart and much more are included in this bundle.

When you join Defensive Coordinator University, you unlock this special deal and instantly become a more organized coach.

Enhance Your Blitz Packages ($49 Value)

We’ve designed a blitz course to help you get pressure on the quarterback. Inside this course we teach you how to get free rushers or favorable matchups when you send 5 & 6 man pressures.

This course will help you understand offensive line blocking schemes, so you can better scheme up blitzes to sack the quarterback.

Here’s What’s Included In Your Purchase

10+ Hours Of Content ($200 Value)

Video content that will help you become a better prepared and organized defensive coordinator.

Our course content is tailored to the busy coach who can watch on the fly and still have time for his family, team and friends.

Printable Templates($39 Value)

Plug and play templates that are ready upon purchase. 

Each template has a video that is related to it, that way you can see exactly how we fill it out.

Defensive Blueprint ($79 Value)

Our course outline will help blueprint how to best approach your coaching staff and players. 

Players want to be coached and coached hard.

Access To The vIQtory Staff ($400 Value)

We’re here to answer all of your defensive questions about the course or with situations, you may have.

Simply send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Lifetime Access

Access this course wherever and whenever you are, for life!

Once you purchase this course you will always have access to it. There is no time frame on what it needs to be seen or completed.

Total Value: $718

Get It Today For Only $199

You’re Protected With Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Still on the fence about joining the Defensive Coordinator University? We get it! 

We’ve tried lots of different courses before we found one that was worth our time and energy. 

We also know your time is limited. That’s why we made this course risk-free for you for 30 days.

If you’re not satisfied and you feel like we didn’t do our job in making your the best defensive coordinator you can be, let us know. We’ll full refund your investment, no questions asked.


What If I'm A New Coach?

If you're a new coach, this course will introduce you walk you through each course. We don't use fancy jargon to sound smart in courses. We make sure that every level can adapt.

What If I'm New To Calling Defenses?

This course is perfect for those looking to learn all of the ins and outs of calling a defense.

What If I Have Questions?

We're here to help! This isn't just a course you buy and we never talk to you again. We're here to help you every step of the way.

How Much Time Do I Need To Dedicate?

This course is done at your own pace. There is a good chunk of content to go through, so we recommend slowly chipping away at it.

Will This Help My Staff As Well?

Yes! You can share all of these concepts with your position coaches and they can easily be on the same page as you.

How Long Do I Have To Access This Course?

For life! We don't put any deadlines or expiration dates on our products. Once you purchase it, it's yours for life.