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The Complete Position Guide: Offensive Line

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We walk you through the fundamentals of coaching the offensive line, as well as basic principles to teach your players on day one. Included in this course, you’ll learn:

  • How To Get In A Proper Stance
  • Using A Proper Leverage In Your Start
  • Hand Placement & Striking Technique
  • Blocking Techniques Such As Down, Gap & Reach
  • Double Team Blocks Such As Gap & Zone
  • Weight Distribution In A Pass Set
  • A Proper Pass Set Against Speed & Power
  • Offensive Line Talk With Current & Professional Players

Our team teaches you exactly how to play offensive line, perfect for all ages and players. vIQtory’s teaching style is to start from the ground level, progressing in each lesson.

This helps any coach understand the technical breakdown, which will then allow you to teach it seamlessly to your players.

Course Content

Run Blocking Stance & Start
Run Blocking
Pass Blocking
Offensive Line Mentality