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We’ve designed this course with the busy coach in mind. Our lessons are short and to the point, saving you time and energy learning football.

This program will walk you through how to coach football at any level.

If you’re a new or young coach just getting into football, this program will help guide you to being an impactful coach.

By the end of this course, you will have the confidence to coordinate practice and lead your team to victory.


Coach Chris Haddad

Founder of vIQtory Sports. Has learned from over 250+ professional, college, and high school coaches. Chris is the current defensive coordinator and wide receiver coach at Bellingham High School.

Coach Danny Haddad

Football Analyst and content creator for vIQtory Sports. 7+ years of youth and high school coaching experience. Currently serves as the offensive coordinator and running backs coach at Bellingham High School.

Atavus Tackle System

Atavus Football educates coaches, improves defensive performance, and maximized player safety through data-driven tackle training and assessment.

The Atavus Tackling System leverages analytics from its database of over 70,000 graded tackles. The programs they work with have experienced fewer missed tackles and fewer yards allowed after contact while also reducing head contact.

Atavus develop solutions based upon an in-depth analysis of game and practice film. They evaluate over 80 data points on every tackle to deliver actionable insights through customized reports and detailed tackle plans. Trusted by the entire state of Texas.

Learn More About The Atavus Tackling System Here

What You’ll Learn

On-Field Coaching

  • How To Structure A Practice
  • Coaching Players Effectively
  • How To Properly Teach Offensive & Defensive Skills
  • How To Teach Safe Tackling
  • Full Rules Explanation
  • Coverages & Alignments
  • Understanding Coverages/Fronts/Alignments

Off-Field Coaching

  • How To Watch & Upload Film
  • Communication With Coaches During Games
  • Game Day Organization
  • Dealing With Disruptive Parents
  • Building Mental Toughness With Players
  • Equipment Needed
  • How To Keep Players Engaged

30+ Videos (5-9 Min Long)

We hate long boring videos too. We’ve made each video short and easy to digest.

Unlimited Resources

If you have a question, simply ask and we’ll help as best as we can!

In The Trenches With You

Everything we’re teaching is from experience. All instructors are coaches.

Start Your Coaching Journey

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