Carl Lee; from West Virginia to 50 Greatest Viking and Improving Youth Sports | vIQ #62

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On this episode of the vIQtory podcast we are joined by Minnesota Viking legend and Marshall alumni, Carl Lee.

Carl went from being the smaller, over-looked athlete to having a standout career as a multiple time Pro Bowl cornerback. His 11 years in Minnesota landed him on their all-time 50 greatest list and he is one of the best athletes to come from West Virginia. After his NFL career, he coaches Wes Virginia State Football for 10 years.

Lee now has a major influence as youth sports guru in South Charleston, West Virginia where he grew up. He now molds the youth and has formed the ‘Legends Building Legends’ community to help children broaden their understanding of winning in life. The way Carl is impacting the next generation will create unprecedented waves of promise and prosperous future.

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