Learn The Skills Of Every Position So You Can Easily Teach The Fundamentals

Keeping up with the latest trends on technique and fundamentals is hard. We've done all the hard work for you and show you exactly how to master each position.

Your Player's Individual Technique Is The Difference Between Winning & Losing Games...

Aside from scheme, individual technique is the most important element in football. Teams with sound technique win, and the ones who use old and outdated technique lose. 

With the rise of social media, players can open their phones and get ahead of you in terms of learning new techniques. If you're still sticking to what you were taught in high school 10+ years ago when you played, there's a good chance you're missing the latest findings.

The good news is, we've talked to over 100+ NFL, College and High School coaches from around the world to perfect the fundamentals in each course. No longer do you have to spend hours on YouTube or Google, looking for the latest innovations.


University Position Courses

Inside of these courses, you will be able to take any average or ordinary player and turn them into a technical beast.

No longer will you have to spend countless hours watching videos of boring clinics or endless scrolling on Twitter to see what high level coaches are teaching.

We did all of the work for you, so all you have to do is watch the lessons and teach your players. They will think you're a genius this upcoming season!

What's Waiting For You Inside...

A coach is judged on their season to season progression. How quickly can you be better than you were yesterday? Here's how we're going to help you.

Step By Step Instruction

We show you exactly how to coach each position so you can flawlessly teach your players.

Player Demonstrations

We use current high school and college football players to demonstrate each technique.

Drills You Can Take To The Field

Along with the technique demonstration, each course has 10+ drills you can use at practice.

Transferable To Every Level

These transferable skills work for and against every player at every level of football.

Practice At Home Or The Field

No Field? No problem. These techniques can be practiced in any open space.

Additional Content For Life

We talk to coaches weekly, which means we will be adding content to these courses every time we record. No extra charge to you.

Made By Current Coaches Who Are In The Trenches With You...

This course is led by both Chris Haddad, founder of vIQtory Sports and Danny Haddad Jr. 

We've been coaching football for 10+ years, currently at the high school level in Massachusetts.

Through our vIQtory platform we've been fortunate to speak to over 100+ coaches about scheme, technique and structure.

This allowed us to build and optimize these courses for you.

We look forward to helping you grow in your coaching journey and if there's any questions, please let us know!

- Chris Haddad + Danny Haddad

What Coaches Are Saying About The Courses...

"These courses are great to sharpen your sword as a coordinator and provide a road map for all position coaches."

Coach Anthony Vizakis

King Philip HS, Wrentham, MA

"Chris & Danny have the coaches-first mindset, which really shines in this curriculum. Great courses to help coaches of all ages."

Coach Ryan Swingle

University Of Connecticut

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Is This Course Online?

Yes this course is 100% online and can be accessed from any device.

Can't I Just Learn This On YouTube Or Google?

It would take you weeks, if not months to learn everything in these courses. This course is a blueprint that will fast track you to learn faster.

When Can I Access The Course?

As soon as you purchase the course, we give you immediate access.

Do You Have A Money Back Guarantee?

We do! It's 30 days from the day you purchase the course.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for anyone who is new to coaching football, and wants to be able to coach any position.