The Easiest Youth Defense To Install Is At Your Fingertips

We've created a system that any youth coach can feel confident installing to win football games.

Install a system That Your Youth Players Can Thrive In

What are the key elements that you need in a defense that gives up no points?

Simple Teachings

We help you install, from the ground up,  the structure and foundation you need to teach your players to play aggressive defense.

Basic Terminology

We skip the complicated coach talk and teach you a basic communication system that both your staff and players can understand.

Run Fits

In order to stop inside and outside runs, you need to ensure your players know run fits, and coaches know how to also teach them. We show you how to do both so you can eliminate long runs.


Forcing turnovers through the air can instantly lower the confidence in the offensive coach and quarterback. Learn the important parts of coverage and how to cause turnovers.

Introducing The 4-4 Youth Defense

The vIQtory 4-4 Youth Defensive Course was built for the youth coach who is looking for simplicity and an easy to install system. We've built this course with the help of youth coaches to make sure that you can confidently install a championship system.

our Pick

Positions, Alignments & Communication

Included in this course is structure on how to implement position names, how to line up properly and communication you can use to call/signal plays into your players.

Understand Run Fits To Contain Your Opponent

Learn how to stop zone plays, gap scheme plays and most importantly jet sweep. Contain your opponent and force them to play left handed.

Run Blitzes That Can Have Your Defense Living In Their Backfield

Learn how to blitz your opponent successfully and open up gaps for your best players. We show you 5 blitzes and how you can get creative to disrupt the offense.

Here's What's Included With Your Purchase

  • The 4-4 Youth Install Guide With Video Instruction
  • Templates & Necessary Graphics To Share With Your Players
  • Access To The vIQtory Team For Questions You May Have
  • Lifetime Access To Course

$199 $99