Easy Install The 4-2-5 Defense With A 3-Down Hybrid Changeup

We show you step by step how to install the 4-2-5 defense and how you can easily drop 8 or bring pressure from 3-down.


Keep The Opposing Offensive Coordinator Guessing By Going From 4-Down To 3-Down.

The 4-2-5 defense is a split field defense that allows your players to make calls and gives you freedom to get creative with your front structure.

The offensive coordinator will have to guess on how to beat you because of all of the looks you will give him. The hybrid structure allows you be multiple on defense and keep both the offensive coordinator and the offensive line guessing.

Run Fits & Coverages Are The Core Of Every Defense

If you can stop the run and put players in the right position to defend against the pass, you will win.

With The 4-2-5 Hybrid Defense

  • Simple For You, Complex For Your Opponents
  • Show Different Looks To Your Opponents
  • Unlimited Potential For Creativity
  • You Will Keep The Other Team Guessing

Without The 4-2-5 Hybrid Defense

  • Simple Alignments
  • Predictable Calls
  • Limited Coverage Calls
  • Offensive Coordinators Will Take Advantage Of You

Install A Proven Structure That You & Your Players Can Thrive In

The 4-2-5 structure is a proven defense to play against teams that give you 10, 11 and 12 personnel. You can adjust to any offensive sets using the hybrid front. This allows you to get into different defensive styles WITHOUT tipping your cap and making substitutions running players on and off the field.

What's Inside This Course?

gap scheme
Step 1

Front Structure

How easy is it to go from 4-down to 3-down? We show you with both drawings and video how you can adapt your defense to play against every formation that you will see.

step 2

Run Fits

Stopping the run is the most important element to any defensive success. Learn how your runs should fit up properly, which gaps your linebackers should fill and how you can put the offense into 3rd and long situations.

step 3


Ready to make the offensive line pull their hair out? Learn different run and pass stunts that you can easily instally to cause the offensive line confusion.

step 4


Split field coverage is the key component to running the 4-2-5. We show you how to get into each coverage, what can hurt it, and why each coverage is beneficial to run fits and pass coverage.

Instructor For This Course - Chris Haddad

Chris Haddad has coached football over the last 10+ years and is the founder of vIQtory Sports. Through his interviews of over 100+ coaches on the vIQtory platform, Chris has insight from some of the brightest minds in the NFL, college and high school levels.

Chris currently coaches at the high school level, where his 4-2-5 defense has led his team to multiple league championships.

What You Get With Your Purchase


Here are the lesson topics that are included in your purchase of the 4-2-5 Hybrid course.

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We've created a naming system for you, so you don't need to go through the hard work of figuring out a naming system.


Learn an easy system of signaling and verbalizing plays to your players to get them lined up quickly.

Front Structure

Our front structure calls allow you to be simple yet multiple. Get your players lined up quickly and let them play fast.

Run Fits

The foundation of every good defense is understanding run fits. We show you exactly what to look for you can patch it up when things go wrong.


Our job as defensive coordinators is to confuse offensive linemen. The stunt section will show you how to easily install movement structures.


Split field coverages are the basis of the 4-2-5 defense. Learn how to defend from a 2-high structure.

Stem/Moving The Front

Learn how to create confusion for the offensive line with pre-snap by movement.

Hybrid 3 Down Fronts

Our 3-down Hybrid package allows you to easily move between fronts. This will open up your playbook and allow you to play each team differently.

Handling Motion

We show you exactly how to handle motion, so you can have an advantage against plays like jet sweep and rocket toss.

Simulated Pressures

Simulated pressures test the offensive line and quarterback to make sure they have everyone covered up. If not, you will reap the benefit of free rushers.

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