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How To Create Explosive Plays Within Your Offense

Learn how to get your best athletes the football in space for huge gains and scoring opportunities.

150 plays in the spread offense

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Add Excitement Into Your Offense

Offensives coaches are constantly being criticized by fans. They either need to score 40+ points each game or fans will heckle them.

In this eBook, you don't need to worry about being heckled or talked about in the stands.

That's because you will understand every play in the spread offense, as well as:

  • How To Block Each Run Play Vs Different Fronts
  • Easy To Install Passing Concepts With Landmarks
  • QB Pass Progression Charts

Copy These Plays Straight From Our Book To Your Playbook

Inside this ebook you'll find exact instruction on how to run every play.

Passing Concepts

These passing concepts are laid out so you can easily see which route to run, as well as the yardage and landmark to run them.

9 Card Explanation

9 cards demonstrate how you can block every blocking scheme that you will see during the year. This makes it easy to adjust your blocking schemes from week to week.

Play Descriptions

We describe each play in detail, to help you understand why each play is impactful and if it's right for your personnel.

Here’s What Coaches Are Saying About The eBook

"Build Your Offensive Foundation On These Plays"

"This book is a great resource for both old and new coaches. The layout and images are easy to follow and read. If you are an aspiring offensive coordinator and looking for ideas, this is a great place to start. Danny does a great job explaining the how and why of each play. I will definitely be implementing many of these schemes next season."

Eddie Rodrigues
Mansfield HS, MA

"We Used This Book As An Offensive Blueprint For My Team!"

"This book helped give me the basic ideas to start up my own offense. The concepts were simple enough to teach at the youth level, with diagrams being a great visual to help install."

Mike Milani
Bellingham AYF, MA

What's Inside 150+ Football Plays In The Spread Offense?

Zone RUn Schemes

This chapter dives deep into how to block zone runs and make them become a staple of your offense. Vertically and horizontally displace the defensive line with these inside and outside zone runs.

Gap Schemes

Gap runs are a great way to take advantage of aggressive defensive lineman. Use these plays to create explosive 20+ yard runs.

Motion Runs

Get your speed players to the edge of the defense by giving them the football on the snap. We dive into our most successful motion runs.

Run Tags

Run tags are simple one or two word phrases that can greatly enhance your base runs schemes. Learn different variations such a split, wrap and bluff


Is your quarterback your best athlete? Get him involved in the run game. Learn how to add stress to the defense with these base QB runs.

Misdirection Runs

Misdirection can cause headaches for opposing linebackers. Learn the best plays to confuse the opposing coach and personnel.

Quick Passing Game

Quick game is essential for offenses to take advantage of space and leverage. Learn how to coach your quarterback to make the easy throws for big yards.

Drop back Passing Game

3 and 5 step concepts are the core to any passing attack. Learn how to add gasoline to your offense with these passing concepts.

Play Action Passing Game

After you've installed your run game, it's time to keep the defense on their heels. Install boots & nakeds into your offensive structure.

Red Zone COncepts

Score in the red zone is key for teams at all levels. These red zone concepts will have your offense scoring at will in the end zone.

*BONUS* - Pass Protections

Struggling with protecting your quarterback? Looking to add new protections to your offense? This section will help serve as your line protection framework.


Have 5 explosive players on offense? Get them the football in space with these plays from empty formations.


Trick plays are not only fun for your players but it creates new energy that can uplift your offense.


Danny Haddad Jr.  vIQtory Sports

Hey coach! My name is Danny Haddad, the other half of vIQtory Sports and author of this eBook.

A little about me - I've also been coaching football for 10+ years, currently the offensive coordinator at Bellingham, Massachusetts.

In my 4 years as offensive coordinator at Bellingham High school, we've averaged over 28 points a game with these concepts.

I'm excited to share with you these plays that can help kickstart your offense.

Start Terrorizing Your Opponents Today!

This eBook will help take the stress out of installing plays into your new offense and spark new ideas for current coordinators.

150+ Plays In The Spread Offense is only resource you'll need to create a high powered offense.

This eBook is a blueprint on how you can get your best players the football in space and ultimately into the end zone.

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Is This A physical book or digital copy?

150+ Plays In The Spread Offense is a digital copy. You will receive it in PDF form.

what type of coach is this best for?

This book is great for all coaches including head coaches, coordinators and position coaches.

can i access this right away?

Yes! As soon as you purchase the eBook, you will get access to the drills and the video library.

What is your return policy on ebooks?

Unfortunately we can not accept returns on eBooks, as it will live forever on your computer once you've purchased and downloaded. If you do have an issue with your purchase, please let us know and we will do everything in our power to make it right.